Saturday 19 March 2022

Senator John Kennedy Slams Biden For Not Standing Up To The Left On Energy Creation Policy (VIDEO)


The best thing Joe Biden could do in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is reverse his energy policies and open the U.S. up to drilling and fracking.

It would immediately improve the American economy and undercut Putin at the same time. It’s a win win, but he won’t do it because he is beholden to the far left.

Republican Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana recently summed it up during an appearance on the Sean Hannity show.

From Red State:

Sen. Kennedy Cuts to the Quick About Biden’s Handling of Putin and His Ukraine Invasion

No one can tell it like it is quite like Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy, and the quippiest of the Republican politicians had some very cutting remarks about President Joe Biden’s handling of the Ukraine invasion…

“First, I think it’s clear that the leader of the free world is President Zelensky,” said Kennedy.

He added that he and the Ukrainian people are “tough as a boot” and that America needs to have their backs during this engagement with Russia. Kennedy did compliment the western nations for their sanctions against Putin, which did do him damage. This is something Kennedy said Biden did do right, but then the Senator got down to brass tacks.

“The rest of President Biden’s economic response to the invasion, and military response to the invasion, in my judgment, has been a wimp fest,” Kennedy said…

“A lot of his allies say we have to buy his oil and gas,” said Kennedy. “Where are we going to get it? Well, the obvious answer is the United States, except for one problem. The woker darlings and the Democratic Party will not allow President Biden to adopt an all-of-the-above energy policy which includes oil and gas, and the president just doesn’t seem to have the courage to stand up to him.”

Watch the video below: 

Kennedy is absolutely right about this.

Many Democrats know it, even if they won’t admit it.

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