Saturday 26 March 2022

North Korean tyrant Kim Jong-un rips off 'Top Gun' in cheap propaganda film for missile launch

 North Korean state media has released edited footage of communist dictator Kim Jong-un and his military officials in what appears to be a hype video for the recent test-launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile that was internationally condemned.

The video shows the homicidal tyrant dressed in a black leather jacket and dark aviator sunglasses, a style ripped from the 1980s Hollywood hit "Top Gun." It follows him as he exits a missile hangar flanked by two high-ranking army officials. Dramatic music plays and the camera cuts between the three men checking their watches because it was go-time for the "Hwasong-17" ICBM launch.

As the music picks up, Kim removes his sunglasses, stares off into the distance, and then nods. It's a cheap-looking propaganda film, so the North Korean leader looks more like an out-of-shape greaser than an action hero.

The film then cuts to the missile launch sequence. A red light flashes and an alarm sounds. A voice begins counting down from 1,0 and then an officer yells into a phone, giving the signal to fire. A soldier waves a flag, and then several more soldiers sitting in front of computer screens shout. One of them pushes a button and the missile fires. 

From a bunker, Kim and his two military lackeys cheer as multiple U.N. Security Council resolutions are violated.

In statements reported by North Korea's media, Kim called the successful test a "powerful tool for nuclear attack."

“It is necessary to make clear that whoever tries to infringe upon the security of our state shall pay dearly,” the dictator reportedly said during the launch, according to NK News.

“Our state defense capability will make thorough preparations for long confrontation with U.S. imperialism on the basis of the tremendous military technical force unflinching even to any military threat and blackmail,” Kim reportedly said.

“Strategic Force of the DPRK is fully ready to thoroughly check and contain any dangerous military attempt of the U.S. imperialists ... the new strategic weapon of the DPRK will clearly show the might of our strategic force to the whole world once again," he added.

The Korean Central News Agency said the Hwasong-17 missile reached a maximum altitude of 3,880 miles and flew 680 miles in 67 minutes before landing in Japanese waters.

“The intercontinental ballistic missile was test-fired vertically in consideration of the security of the neighboring states,” North Korea said Friday, although the Japanese government expressed anger at the missile landing near its territory.

The international community strongly condemned the missile launch.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in called the launch a "grave threat," and U.S. and Japanese officials each said it presented a "clear and serious challenge" to the world.

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