Monday 21 March 2022

Look Who was Right Again? NH Allows Pharmacists to Give Out Ivermectin Without Prescription


New Hampshire to Become First State to Allow Ivermectin Without Prescription

The antiparasitic drug, lambasted by liberal disinformation machines as “horse dewormer” is finally getting easy access. This allows individuals whose elitist doctors will not prescribe it to make important medical choices on their own.

From AM Greatness:

“We still have patients who don’t know how to find the doctors who will write prescriptions for ivermectin,” said Rep. Leah Cushman, who is also a nurse. “It’s safer than having to go to the farm store.”

Safer indeed, and more convenient! 79 countries have approved the use of Ivermectin over the counter, and now NH is the first–but likely not the last–state to begin to do so as well. This Republican-led initiative passed through NH’s house on a vote of 183-159, with the majority of Democrats still clinging to old misinformation about the medication.  

Remember, COVID-19 “experts” (who were wrong more often than they were right so far) condemned Ivermectin as useless…

“During the pandemic, COVID-19 vaccine skeptics and anti-vaccine activists have latched onto ivermectin, though it has not been approved by the FDA as a treatment for COVID-19, nor is there evidence to support that it can treat the virus,” wrote Herald reporter Josh Rogers in the paper’s website.

In truth, there have been numerous studies that show evidence of large reductions of mortality in COVID patients treated with ivermectin. 

And guess what? They were wrong again. Shocker. Ivermectin has been shown in numerous studies to greatly reduce deaths among Covid patients. Furthermore, it is the right of all individuals to try experimental medications for the treatment of diseases, thanks to President Donald Trump’s “Right to Try” act in 2018. Between that act and the broad over the counter usage in other developed countries, there is no excuse for the NH senate to block this bill.

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