Saturday 19 March 2022

Left Has Hilarious Melts Down Over EPIC “Crying” Kyle Rittenhouse Meme That Exposes Joe Biden’s Insane Gas Prices

 Kyle Rittenhouse posted a hilarious meme to Twitter today mocking the soaring gas prices brought to us by Joe Biden. Naturally, every verified Twitter user in a 1000 mile radius had a meltdown.

The Tweets, while all unhinged, range from taking the meme as an admission of murder (yeah, seriously.)

To believing it was an actual reenactment (have you heard of editing, Ron?)

But as stated before, all are stupid and the stupid isn’t limited to verified users.

So mature and clever.
And the list goes on…

This goes to show just how little humor Twitter lefties actually have. A kid whom they put through hell for over a year makes a funny joke at his own expense and they collectively lose what little mind they have.

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