Tuesday 15 March 2022

Biden Claims He Discussed Rising Gas Prices as a Kid ‘At the Kitchen Table’ – Gas Prices Were Flat For Biden’s Entire Childhood (VIDEO)


Joe Biden on Monday delivered remarks on the Covid pandemic, US economy and infrastructure at the National League of Cities Conference in Washington, DC.

During his mumbling rant Biden absurdly claimed that 17 Nobel Prize Winners in economics wrote to him saying his multi-trillion-dollar Build Back Better redistribution plan will ease inflation. 

 Joe Biden also told one of his favorite lies in order to come across as relatable old blue collar Joe from Scranton.

Biden said he discussed soaring gas prices as a kid ‘at the kitchen table.’ 

Gas prices were flat for Joe Biden’s entire childhood.

“I grew up in a family where when the price of gas went up at the pump at the gas station, we talked about it at the kitchen table,” said Biden. 



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