Tuesday 8 February 2022

What’s The Going Rate For Indoctrination In A Private School? [VIDEO]

 What’s the going rate to pay for your child to be brainwashed? 40,000 per year is the going rate at one private school in DC.

A private elementary school in Washington DC posted a controversial video of its young students marching with “Black Lives Matter” signs while chanting to support the cause.

The footage showing students wearing facemasks (of course) while participating in the organized activity was uploaded on Lowell School’s Instagram page on Saturday. The students in the video appeared to be aged five or six and were carrying cardboard signs that read “Black Lives Matter” as they chanted the slogan and marched through what seems to be the school’s hallway.

The indoctrinated children appear to be quite happy in the video, so the responses online were quite mixed.

But even supporters of “Black Lives Matter” seem to have concerns with this outrageous organized activity.

One of the comments in response to the video read:

Teaching kids is one thing; having them March and chant is quite another. I wouldn’t want my 5 or 6-year-old to do this NO MATTER HOW MUCH I believed in the slogan! Come on, people. This is kindergarten! Teach them! Don’t force activism on a small child!

Many think that private schools are a safer alternative to public schools, but this video proves otherwise. This is a  crucial time in the lives of these young impressionable students, and teachers should be helping them learn the basic skills they need to succeed in school, not indoctrinating and dividing them by race. As a parent, I’d be questioning the sanity of the educators at this 40,000-a-year private school.

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