Friday 4 February 2022

Rep. Madison Cawthorn Rips Into Nancy Pelosi Over Deployment of US Troops: “The sons and daughters of America are not foot soldiers for your party’s inept geriatric despot” [VIDEO]

 Yesterday, after the Pentagon announced the approval of the deployment of 3,000 U.S. troops to Germany, Poland, and Romania over fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, House members met to discuss Joe Biden’s dangerous decision to drag America into another useless war. The youngest member of Congress, Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC), ripped into Speaker Pelosi and her fellow war-mongering Democrats over Joe Biden’s deployment of US troops.

Here’s Rep. Cawthorn’s blistering rebuke of the war-mongering Democrats:

“Madam Speaker, the sons, and daughters of America are not foot soldiers for your party’s inept geriatric despot. They are not expendable pawns to be dispatched at the whims of an idiot—tossed carelessly around the world to godforsaken caves and bloody sandboxes. They are Americans—worthy of honor and dignity. The only salute from them Joe Biden deserves involves one finger!

American blood is not the currency of the world. It cannot be borrowed, exchanged, or linked to any man or any nation—its worth is immeasurable.  American patriots in uniform all signed a blank check to their nation, and already under this administration in Afghanistan, Joe Biden cashed it for 13 Americans through his reckless incompetence.

The path to American national security does not lie in American international interventionism. It lies in securing our southern border—not the Russia-Ukraine border. Our greatness is forged in our resistance to interference. The war lobby has no ally in the America First Republicans. We will preserve our strength through nationalism. We will champion America First today and America First forever. We earned our greatness—let others earn theirs.


And if Joe Biden hasn’t prostituted our pre-eminence to the military-industrial complex by the time Donald Trump returns, we will preserve this great city on the hill for the descendants of our grandchildren.

Speaking of inept geriatric despots…this video was taken of Nurse Jill leading him away from the podium like a dementia patient only yesterday:

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