Monday 10 January 2022

Young Adults Are Being Lied to by Groups Like Antifa Who Are Using Them for Radical Anti-American Efforts

A man was arrested in Florida on Thursday night after recently visiting Portland.  The 22-year-old was carrying a bomb while attending a rally protesting the incarceration of a Jan 6 protester.

According to our report:

“Sheriff Bob Gualtieri told reporters the man arrested with the bomb, 22-year-old Garrett Smith, has a clean record, describing him as a “sleeper” with no arrests and no apparent social media presence but that he had recently been in Portland, Oregon and had a helmet with logos seen at protests in Portland, but the sheriff was not sure if he was Antifa or on the other side. The sheriff said Smith was not cooperating but had a “direct action checklist” on him listing clothing, body protection to wear and a long list of gear to carry including a laser pointer, flammable rags and pepper spray.”

Yaacov Apelbaum at the Illustrated Primer put together a lengthy piece where he shows behind-the-scenes training for Antifa with connections to radical Islam.  Below are some weapons and combat gear produced under the “F**K the Police” label.

Also below is a map and preparation material used for an ‘operation’ in New York City.

Below is “A Guide to Becoming Ungovernable”, one of several how-to combat and sabotage guides published by Amin Husain and widely distributed via a number of messaging, email, and social media platforms.  Amin has ties to radical Islam.

The young adults recruited and working for Antifa are being used by radicals not interested in the freedoms promised in the US Constitution.  These radical groups should be outlawed in the US.  If our Justice Department wasn’t corrupt it would be doing just that.  Instead, our Justice Department works on ways to arrest God-loving, America-loving, and family-loving Americans.

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