Monday 17 January 2022

WATCH: Popular Professor Records Live Facebook Video...Explains How Police Turned Thousands of Cars Away From Overflowing AZ Trump Rally


President Trump fan Shane Vaughn, who also goes by “Professor Toto,” went live on Facebook from undisclosed location miles away from Trump’s massive Florence, AZ rally to report that after driving several hours, he and his group had been turned away by police.

“We’ve been waiting for hours, and we’ve been turned away,” a disappointed Professor Toto told his Facebook fans.

“This is unparalleled! This is one of the biggest event centers, and they have turned everyone away!” Mr. Vaughn told his Facebook followers.

“They’ve driven for hours to get here!” he exclaims.

“Look at the line!” he says as he pans the camera to the massive lines of traffic still waiting to get into the parking lot of the venue.

“We’re still 3-4 miles from the event, and the policemen are turning everyone away!”

“Donald Trump has to be the most popular president in American history!” another male can be heard saying

“Guys, Donald Trump is on the way back! Get used to the idea—it’s about to go down!”


Lines to get into Trump’s rally last night were massive. The venue was also packed with an enormous overflow area for those unable to get inside the rally.

The only time Joe Biden ever saw an overflow crowd was when Homeland Security showed him images of the overflow crowd in our detention centers (cages) on the southern border.

Here’s a photo of the overflow crowd before sunset:

Here’s another angle showing the overflow crowd of Trump supporters:

This is a video showing the OVERFLOW area at Trump’s rally:

According to this Trump fan, the overflow lines at the porta-potties were longer than the lines to get in to see all of the Biden rallies combined!

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