Saturday 15 January 2022

There Is Video of ‘Protesters’ Flashing Badges to Capitol Police – J6 Prisoner Calls Gateway Pundit, Discloses Damning Information on Likely Federal Operatives on January 6 (VIDEO)


Dominic Pezzola is an American patriot who went to the January 6 2021 protest to show his support for President Trump just like one million fellow patriots that day.  Pezzola then later went to the US Capitol where he engaged with the Capitol Police.  Dominic was arrested on January 15, 2021, and appeared in court that same day. He pleaded not guilty to 1-11 counts against him on February 9th and then again on May 29th.   Dominic Pezzola remains detained in the DC Gulag, a political prisoner of the left.  He has not been given his Constitutional right of a speedy trial.  The Left does not believe in the US Constitution.

Many things have been said about Dominic Pezzola in the misleading mainstream media, in Senate Hearings, in Congress, and even from his very own fired Public Defender (early on in his case) – which amount to absolute lies, slander, and misinformation.

Please read, in his very own words, who he really is and what he is all about here.

On Thursday we spoke with Dominic Pezzola in a phone call from prison.

Dominic started out the conversation by thanking The Gateway Pundit for running his story in December and helping to raise money for his defense.

He then told us that all of the J6 prisoners have COVID after two guards brought it into the prison unit. The prison NEVER notified the J6 prisoners that they were exposed to the virus. Dominic added,

“They never took any safety precautions, never did any contact tracing, never alerted us. Nothing. So we ended up just getting sick one by one.”

Dominic then told GP about how the men feel abandoned. The prisoners also believe the FBI was involved in the J6 rioting.

But we really feel abandoned up here. We really do. We have maybe a handful of people speaking out first in the government and Republican Party. Ted Cruz went on the other day asking the lady from the FBI about the FBI’s involvement, and she wouldn’t answer any of it, which is good as admission to me… They’re not answering. So why doesn’t everyone go after the FBI right now and (discuss) their involvement? And why are people sitting in jail who could have possibly been set up that day?

This reporter asked Dominic what he would say to the Republican Party or Republican lawmakers today?

I would say you see the way the Democrats rally around BLM and Antifa when they’re burning cities down and destroying people’s businesses and just causing mass havoc and pain and chaos in everyone’s lives… We came to the rally, we were protesting because the election was stolen. I don’t care what many will tell me. I mean, the evidence is overwhelming. And it’s just like we don’t see the same kind of support that the Democrats give to the terrorists on the left. And now there’s so much proof coming out that the FBI was thoroughly involved. I mean, they infiltrated the proofs all the discovery we’ve seen.

Dominic then went on to describe the shocking video evidence he has seen in his discovery!

Jim, you got to see some of the things we’ve seen in our discovery. We’ve seen guys with guns, pulling guns out of their waste and taking pictures. And guys who are behind the police line whispering with the cops, and two minutes later they’re with a club rioting. People hanging back out of windows… We’ve seen so much that shows the government has such a big role in this. And it’s just like we’re frustrated because we can’t get the information out. I mean, if the public were to see half of the videos we’ve seen, I’m sure there would be a rallying cry to get us out.

And Dominic Pezzola blasted the Republican Party.

I’m just very disappointed in the Republican Party for not taking a bigger stance. Even if some of us are guilty of something, our rights are being trampled over. Our constitutional rights are just being shredded and thrown in the garbage. No one’s ever been treated like this. We can’t get bond we can’t get bail. We can’t talk to our lawyers. We don’t get haircuts. I haven’t seen my wife and kids in a year, and none of them are making any fuss over it. I just don’t understand it.

Ed Lang, the father of J6 prisoner Jake Lang, then jumped in and said his group now has video of undercover agents flashing their badges to the police that day. Ed says he has video of Capitol employees handing out baseball bats out of bag that day inside the Capitol.

So just, you know, we’re making a documentary, and I got some great folks working for me. We now have FBI folks. You can see their badges as they give them to the police on video. As they walk through the on January 1, walk through the lines have taken down the barricades. We’re doing a documentary. I got some great folks working for me.

Dominic added this on the video he has seen of undercover agents that day.

Every video we have seen, you see people with earbuds and you see them communicating with hand signals. You’ll see them talking into either their coats or talking to their wrist or talking in the microphones… I am almost 100% guaranteed they have signal jamming equipment at the capital because no one’s phones worked. No one’s radios worked when you got within 100ft of the capital… This was a setup. They started it right? We got caught in the middle of it, and then they’re charging us with things like civil disorder and conspiracy. We were just finding ourselves. We were watching women and elderly and kids being caught in a crossfire, being sprayed, and flash bombs being thrown at their heads. I don’t know if you’ve heard about the one guy. There’s a rumor going around the one guy actually got shot in the eye with a rubber bullet and killed him… Some of the guys heard it on the other floor. He got shot in the eye with a rubber bullet and it went his brain and killed them. And they’re trying to say it was a heart attack.

God bless Dominic and the J6 political prisoners.
You are not forgotten.

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