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Six Political Predictions For 2022


Six Political Predictions For 2022:

A guest post by PF Whalen and Parker Beauregard of The Blue State Conservative. 

#6: America experiences a Red Wave in ‘22.

Parker: Chalk this prediction up to a combination of biased optimism and the response to Biden’s damaging presidency. My own personal biases aside, even the Dems are worried about their chances next November – and why shouldn’t they be? Joe Biden is an unmitigated disaster of a person, politician, and president. He epitomizes self-service and for fifty years has grifted off the stupid people in Delaware. Just once, instead of Bette Midler attacking West Virginians, why can’t someone point out the obvious: Delaware voters are idiots. The same could be said of Vermont with Bernie and a host of other long-time corrupted fools returning to the halls of Congress. The AOCs and Ilhan Omars get a pass in this case because small districts are gerrymandered, but how do you excuse an entire state or country? Idiots abound. That’s the only lesson to be gleaned on my side rant here.

Joe Biden, in less than a year, has gone from being the most popular president ever by sheer votes cast to the butt of every joke and chant among a gathering of more than two people. FJB was terrific and LGB will go down in history as one of the most enduring political protests in my lifetime. Even fifty years from now, unless I am thrown in a quarantine camp for being unvaccinated or a labor camp for being a domestic terrorist (not a real one, mind you, but a pretend one that speaks at school board meetings), I will be able to sit down with an old friend to discuss politics and simply have to say “let’s go, Brandon” to connote I am not pleased with the current political affairs. What a gem.

And all of this says nothing of the embarrassing incompetence displayed by, and utter failure of selecting, Vice President Kamala Harris, to shore up the old white male ticket. Pick a pejorative. She is simply an awful, disgusting, immoral, selfish, and stupid human being. She rightfully has earned polling numbers on par with trust in corporate media. I have a little more to say on her in my next prediction, but suffice to say Americans cannot stand her sheer inability to function as an executive and the horrendous nervous laughter that pervades every speech or Q&A.

With just Biden and Harris alone, and historical patterns of midterm elections swinging back towards the center, it seems impossible to not have a red wave of sorts. Americans, and Georgians in particular, have seen what happens when a leftist president is supported entirely by a House and Senate willing to vote with him. One Georgia Senate seat is all but assured to return to the GOP, and several other races in toss-up states like Arizona and Nevada. As long as incumbent Republicans do their jobs, only one of those races has to be successful to provide a Senate stop-gap measure. In terms of the House, there is a lot of reason to be excited about the midterms. According to Ballotpedia, there are 28 district races where the incumbent won with less than 52% of the vote. Of those 28 districts, 24 of them are currently held by Democrats. You don’t have to be a mathematician to see how this could drastically alter the makeup of the lower chamber. With Democrats currently holding a slim 222-213 majority, just a few of these 52% club members have to lose in order to also flip the majority red.

#5: There will be an opening on the Supreme Court.

PF: Regarding your prediction in #6 of a “Red Wave,” I’m in agreement, and it could be a huge swing. On Election Day, I say Republicans will come away with a 33-seat majority in the House of Representatives, and 53 seats in the Senate. You heard it here first.

Regarding my forecast of a SCOTUS opening, a key factor could be the Mississippi abortion law case Dobbs V. Jackson Women’s Health, which is currently being considered by the court and for which we should expect a decision some time in June. The Dobbs case could very well overturn Roe V. Wade, but even if it doesn’t, there’s a good chance the ruling will further limit access to abortion, possibly through a new definition of viability. If/when such a ruling happens, we can expect the radical left to lose their collective mind.

Justice Stephen Breyer is 83 years old and has already been pressured to step down so that a Democratic president can nominate his replacement with a Democrat-controlled Senate. If the tea leaves continue to show a Red Wave as you mentioned in #6, and if we see a conservative ruling in the Dobbs case, I think the pressure on Breyer to vacate his seat will be overwhelming. If Breyer doesn’t move aside next year and the next SCOTUS opening happens in 2023/2024, Biden (or Harris?) will likely have to nominate someone to be confirmed by a Republican Senate, and that could prove to be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

When Breyer steps down, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) will push for an aggressive timeframe for the confirmation hearings, and I think there will be fireworks at those proceedings. With a Democratic Senate still in his favor next year, Biden will feel empowered to pick a radically leftist nominee, and then put the heat on Senate Democrats to push his guy/gal through. If the Republicans don’t go squishy, it should be fun to watch.

#4: The White House will lose one or both of its candidates from the 2020 presidential ticket.

Parker: How’s this for a bold prediction? Stating that either Harris or Biden (or both) will discontinue working – which is a generous phrasing for the disappearing act of the former and incoherence of the latter – in the White House is about as low-hanging fruit as you get in the world of political prognostication. To be fair, I also took the position in my four predictions for 2021 that China Joe wouldn’t make it to now. And look at him thrive.

The only way Biden leaves the Oval Office is via a hearse. Other than Team Kamala, who benefits from his departure? Certainly not the Biden clan, led by Her Eminence Dr. Jill Biden. She ascended from babysitter to First Lady. There’s no way she’s stopping the gravy train now. And then there is the rest of the Establishment. Fifty years of backroom handshakes and tail chasing among both domestic and international partners has created quite a syndicate for Bidenites. Everyone with a corrupted soul wins by having the Big Guy nominally in charge. And, of course, Biden’s handlers and the Deep State operatives don’t even have to ask permission to do things. Having Joe at the helm is like leaving your 90-year-old narcoleptic grandfather to watch the kids. How does that not end in a  trip to the emergency room? Like I said, he’s only getting dragged on a gurney. If he stroked out tomorrow, would anyone be surprised?

Harris, on the other hand, has a different exit path. It’s the pinnacle of schadenfreude; just when every 2016 voter thought to themselves there is no way another woman comes along that makes Hillary look caring and empathetic, Harris demanded we hold her beer. She is a vile and unimpressive woman, and I enjoy the thought that each night she goes to bed knowing this country hates her. It’s truly a remarkable feat, and if I wanted to be cynical enough I might speculate that the DNC knew this would happen. Sure, she checks the right boxes, but so do a lot of black women – by the nature of being black and female. Harris, who couldn’t muster even 1% in the primaries, would be a great pick as the first women to make deluded voters yearn for Hillary again. The Biden administration wants an open border, and yet they assigned her the task of solving the border crisis? That isn’t an accident; she was set up to fail. So, when her polling gets below 20% favorability and a red wave is imminent (until the GOP pulls a classic GOP and mucks up a layup), look for them to “respond” to the public and put in someone more likable. Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton seem like the clear frontrunners…which is frightening.

On second thought, maybe we should hope they keep Kamala.

#3: More serious consequences of the Afghanistan pullout fiasco will emerge.

PF: This prediction pains me, but its accuracy appears inevitable. The fact that we abandoned Afghanistan last summer was bad enough, but the way in which we left made it that much worse. And we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg with the fallout from that debacle.

The most dangerous potential aftereffect of the Afghanistan withdrawal is obviously another terrorist attack. It was the Taliban – who now have retaken control of that country – who allowed Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda to plan and execute the September 11, 2001, terror attacks. I pray that another 9/11 is not the corollary that plays out, and we’ve got some outstanding men and women in DHS and elsewhere working hard to make sure it doesn’t happen. But we are unquestionably more vulnerable.

There are two other potential developments that could materialize next year that would also be highly problematic. One has already taken shape to some degree, in the form of the increased involvement of China in Afghanistan. When the U.S. left in August, we created a vacuum; not just a vacuum of power, but a vacuum of influence. China shares a small but critical border with Afghanistan, and an increased presence by the Chinese there may help to destabilize an already unstable region.

But the most likely, and potentially most dangerous consequence of hightailing it from the Taliban is how that action will embolden our adversaries. Russia is preparing to pounce on Ukraine, and when they do Biden will dismiss any connection to our Afghan pullout, but it’s not true. If we had stood our ground in Afghanistan by not running and leaving behind scores of citizens and billions of dollars of weapons and equipment, Vladimir Putin wouldn’t be flexing his muscles right now. But it’s not just Russia. China obviously, and Iran also saw how we limped away, and they will be emboldened as well; along with other potential enemies.

The worst part of Biden’s Afghanistan calamity was his show of weakness, and we have not yet sustained all the damage from that showing. But we should expect serious challenges to that weakness in the near future.

#2: We learn more about massive Covid, January 6th, and 2020 election cover ups.

Parker: You mentioned how the pullout, which can only be qualified with words like disastrous or foolish, of Afghanistan, already a problem in itself, will lead to even greater problems in 2022. Along those lines, I think we will have a much darker understanding of the consequences of government cover-up, conspiracy, and collusion as it pertains to some of the most significant events in recent history. Specifically, I am referring to Covid, the so-called January 6th insurrection, and the fraudulent 2020 presidential elections.

First a little background on lies and fake news. Unbeknownst to most readers of the New York Times or viewers of corporate media outlets is the fact that the Russian Collusion scandal was entirely fabricated. In an honest world, this story alone would be the biggest news item of the 21st century. Think about it for just a second: A sitting president (Obama) and the heir apparent (Clinton) both knew about and helped orchestrate a gigantic lie that would paint their adversary (Trump) as an operative of Russia’s Vladimir Putin. For four years, they claimed that the 2016 election was stolen, aided in part by Russian interference and participation with the Trump campaign.

This country endured two years of incessant blather on newsprint and television about the scandal, and corrupt politicians like Adam Schiff kept promising a nail-in-the-coffin moment, despite clearly knowing better. Robert Mueller was finally dragged in front of Congress to report on the fact that no collusion existed. Then, two years later, and once Trump was no longer president, we learn that the Clinton campaign funded false research and allowed the FBI to lie itself, and use falsified statements from other folks to even move the story forward in the first place. What’s more, it was Clinton that colluded with Russian assets, not Trump.

I included the last paragraph because it needs to be emphasized how the Deep State is evil and will do anything it can to deny truth, freedom, and justice. Just as it did with the Russian Collusion non-story, it appears that similar large-scale narratives of their Trump sphere are crumbling. Covid, which has not killed nearly as many people as the medical establishment in its refusal to acknowledge alternative treatments, continues to be a red herring for globalists’ ambitions to control us all in a grotesque technocracy. Vaccination efforts, despite the fact some people have gotten two shots and two shots in the span of a year (and still getting sick!) as well as the fact that each new variant is less lethal (Omicron appears to be a cold essentially, and hardest hitting among the vaccinated, by the way), have shown that health is not a priority. If it were, vitamins and off-label use of safe and effective drugs would have been pushed by every doctor in America. So there’s that. As Dr. Mengele Fauci continues to advocate for mandatory vaccination and boosters, it just looks more and more nefarious.

Similarly, as I write this news is breaking every day about the potential bombshells that could destroy the elite-driven narrative of an insurrection at the U.S. Capitol Building as well as the idea that the 2020 elections were the most secure in American history.

The most secure ever? That’s exactly like saying vaccines are safe and effective. The blatant lies, often hyperbolic and absolute, are coming apart. In terms of January 6th, Revolver just blew the door wide open by revealing some big-time players who appeared to be leading the movement on cameras and have yet to be charged. Meanwhile, innocent bystanders who did nothing more than follow the crowd have been imprisoned for almost a year. Among the countless other crimes (the murder of Ashli Babbit and the beating of women by the CP), the lie about Brian Sicknick, and a host of other anomalies, we could be in for some clarity on this Reichstag fire. The outlet Revolver has been reporting on this for months and has revealed the FBI was involved and nothing by regular people was pre-planned (but likely was by FBI and others).

So much for an insurrection.

#1: Violent crime in blue cities and states will skyrocket.


PF: Like the prediction of further fallout from the Afghanistan withdrawal as I stated in #3, this prediction is equally distressing; but unfortunately it’s also unavoidable. And to be clear, I’m not predicting that that violent crime statistics will simply stay at their current elevated levels, which represent dramatic increases over the previous few years, I’m predicting that they will skyrocket from those already inflated numbers. Yes, this problem is that bad.

As of early-December there were twelve major U.S. cities – all run by Democrats – which had already set annual records for homicides, at which time there were still over three weeks left in the year. It’s also worth noting that five of those twelve cities “topped records that were set or tied just last year.” The situation is bad, but it’s going to get worse. And Democrats only have themselves to blame.

The left has demonized police by falsely accusing them of wrongdoing; please consider the shootings of Michael Brown and Jacob Blake as examples. They’ve promoted the idiotic notion of “defund the police,” and in cities like St. Paul, they’ve accomplished that goal only to end up on the aforementioned list of the dozen cities. They’ve implemented bail “reform,” which simply puts violent criminals back on the street. They’ve decriminalized crimes (federal crimes) such as sex work and dealing drugs. And, of course, they embraced last year’s BLM riots that killed 25 Americans. Put these actions altogether, and we have a total disregard for the rule of law… and we have a recipe for disaster.

Statistics on violent crime are more than just numbers, they represent human beings. They’re Americans, and Democratic policies on law enforcement are resulting in this carnage. But to the left, they’re just collateral damage in their goal to further an inane narrative.

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