Thursday 6 January 2022

OH Candidate for US Senate in Ohio JD Vance, Tells Real Story Of Jan 6th… Blasts GOP Lawmakers For Allowing Political Prisoners To Rot In Jail As Part Of Democrat Farce

 Candidate for US Senate in Ohio, JD Vance, posted a video condemning Democrats and GOP leaders for letting Jan 6 prisoners be stripped of their Constitutional rights and left to rot in jail.

Vance, a successful author known for his book Hillbilly Elegy posted a video to Twitter today calling out all the people in political power who are ignoring the horrible conditions the Jan 6 prisoners are being kept in. He begins this video by discussing the lack of serious action being taken to release these non-violent prisoners from jails in D.C., where they are being held in horrible conditions.

“It’s often framed as an assault on our democracy,” says Vance, “but the assault on our democracy that too few people are willing to talk about is the fact that dozens of non-violent protesters on January the 6th are being held in disgusting conditions in Washington D.C. jails.”



He doesn’t just blame the Democrats for these atrocities but also recognizes the Republican Party’s faults for not doing enough to stand up for these prisoners and shed light on the truth of the Jan 6 Capitol protests. “No Democrats and too few Republicans are willing to speak up for them,” continued Vance. “They’re being denied their Constitutional rights, and the fact that so few in our media or in our political establishment are willing to speak up for them is the height of corruption.”

He then calls for action from the GOP, asking its leaders to investigate the riots and looting in July/August of 2020. He asks why the political leaders who funded, incited, and encouraged these violent riots should not be punished, while Trump and his supporters are portrayed as criminals for the Capitol protests.

“We should be looking into what happened on July/August of 2020: the ridiculous riots and looting that destroyed American cities… Let’s investigate the text messages and subpoena the phone records of George Soros, who funded those riots… and other Democrats in the media who encouraged those riots,” said Vance.

Vance also calls for Republicans to play the same game as the Democrats do. We cannot sit back and let the Dems hold everyone to such a double standard. Apparently, it’s only dangerous and worthy of being locked up if the Right does it. But if the Left goes and burns American cities, it’s totally fine and they’re met with zero consequences. The rules are not the same for both sides, and Vance is imploring the GOP to fight for that to change.

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