Thursday 13 January 2022

NYC: Progressive Leader RIPS UP Vaccine Card in Solidarity With Anti-Vax Mandate Protestors [VIDEO]

 On January 5, crowds of protestors gathered outside the NY State Capitol building in Albany to fight against COVID vaccine mandates. Local lawmakers and activists showed up at the rally in support of the movement, but one man’s speech was particularly powerful.

Tramell Thompson, co-founder of Progressive Action and employee for New York City Transit, joined the rally. He stood up at the protest to speak out against the vaccine mandate. Thompson himself is fully vaccinated but continued to express his disapproval with the government forcing everyone into compliance. He made it clear that “anti-vax” and “anti-mandate” are two very different things, then he held up his vaccination card and ripped it up in front of everyone to show his support for the anti-vaccine mandate movement.

Tramell Thompson, via Instagram

“When we started this movement, they tried to say that we was anti-vax. And I didn’t get it,” said Thompson. “They tried to create a separation in between us. But I want to make an announcement today. I’ve been on the front line before it was a front line. Right? I work for New York City transit. We the only agency in New York City that don’t have a mandate, and that’s because… when they was burning down the city during the whole George Floyd thing, we was talking – we was tellin’ Cuomo first ‘there better not be no mandates’… it should be a choice.”

When everyone was focused on rioting over George Floyd, Thompson and NYC Transit employees were already fighting against COVID vaccine mandates.

“I’m fully vaccinated, but I’m against passports,” Thompson continued, as he held up his vaccination card and tore it. up. “I don’t care… I don’t care about the passports. I’m standing with you guys. ‘Cause it’s my choice.”

He later took to Twitter to share what’s left of his “segregation card”.

This vaccine mandate is proving detrimental to the Democrat Party and its supporters. This polarizing mandate is uniting people on both the Left and Right because Liberals are realizing the freedoms that are being taken away by forcing a vaccination on everyone regardless of their personal choice.

While the Liberal media laughs at the people who are against the COVID vaccine mandate and labels them right-wing “anti-vaxxers”, more and more Democrats are realizing this is not a fair judgment of those who are standing up to defend our rights as American citizens. It may just be this common cause that helps unite our country and its deeply divided political parties.

Many other powerful videos were shared from the rally that day by Leeroy Johnson, an independent photographer in NYC.

One of the speakers, Michael Kane, called for civil disobedience from the east coast to the west coast. The post’s caption says that Kane used to be a teacher but was fired due to the COVID vaccine mandates.

Another prominent speaker outside the State Capitol building was Mary Holland from the Children’s Health Defense of NY, who said, “We are here for the children. The children do not protect us the adults, we the adults protect the children.”

Johnson also posted a series of videos showing the protestors chanting “Wake up New York”, “We the people will not comply”, and “My body my choice”.

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