Tuesday 11 January 2022

In the Army We Swear to Protect the Constitution “But We Don’t Even Learn It, At Hillsdale College There’s a Whole Class on the Constitution” – Former West Point Cadet Nickaylah Sampson Shares Some REALLY GOOD NEWS


Former West Point Cadet, Nickaylah Sampson, chose freedom over compliance and now is being blessed for her courageous choice. 

Three former West Point Cadets shared with us at the Gateway Pundit their harrowing story of abuse at West Point due to their choice of not taking the experimental COVID vaccines mandated by the military.

Over the past couple of months, these heroic women went through a lot.  They were interviewed by Sean Hannity a short time after we reported on their experience.

Also, an executive at Hillsdale College in Michigan read our article and reached out wanting to help these courageous women.  We shared information on how to reach them and we have a good news story to share today.

Here is a statement from Nickaylah Sampson:

I was contacted by the chief of staff at Hillsdale College, Mr. Micheal Harner. He emailed me and my friends two weeks after leaving West Point. He heard the story about us after we were basically forced to leave the Academy after reading our Gateway Pundit article. We were invited to apply and attend the school. Me, Willow Brown and Hannah MacDonald were given this invitation for admission. Credits will transfer normally, as I will be a transfer student.

Mr. Harner invited me on a visit and paid for me to fly up to Michigan and tour the campus. It was spectacular. I have high praise for Hillsdale College and I really want to continue my education there. There is no other place I want to pursue my dreams. After receiving an immense amount of financial aid and a scholarship in late December 2021, a true blessing from God, I can now say that I will pursue my studies in mathematical sciences (like I did at West Point), but this time, with an addition of an education minor. I aspire to be a school teacher.

When this opportunity came to me, I was ecstatic. I was dealing with a lot of depression and sadness after leaving West Point, and I was lost and hopeless. I prayed for direction and to continue my education, and then Hillsdale presented itself. I did not know very much about the college except for the fact that it was a small, conservative, Christian school in Michigan. I learned a lot on my visit there. I look forward to a Christian community of like-minded individuals and a curriculum that values the Constitution, freedom and truth. I’m not sure if I will ever get used to the snow though. I am much more of a summertime-beach person, but God has opened a door, and I am gladly walking through it.

Below is an interview with Nickaylah Sampson, a new student at Hillsdale College in Michigan.  During the interview Nickaylah shared some very thoughtful responses about protecting the Constitution:

What I find ironic about Hillsdale versus a military academy is that in the army we swear in to protect the Constitution, protect and defend the Constitution, but we don’t even learn it, but here at Hillsdale College there’s a whole class on the Constitution.   I find that amazing because the Constitution is for me one of the reasons I joined the military in the first place… to protect and defend the Constitution, but at West Point I found that they were going directly against many Constitutional rights, especially in regards to the vaccine mandate.  Hillsdale is so patriotic and so grounded in morals and I love it.

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