Saturday 1 January 2022

“I’m All in For Trump 2024” – Wayne Root Responds to Media Attacks on Trump and Covid Vaccine


Wayne Root

By Wayne Allyn Root

As usual, the liberal-biased, fake news, mainstream media is lying and misrepresenting again.

It was only days ago that I published my nationally-syndicated Creators Syndicate newspaper column titled, “Celebrate the Trump Christmas Miracle.” In that column I celebrated the greatest political comeback perhaps in history. Trump is back, winning in the polls, beating Biden, far more popular and respected than Biden (or the Pope) in polls. A majority of voters even agrees there was massive fraud in the 2020 election- including 41% of Democrats.

Trump has truly made both a political and financial comeback for the ages.

The media response to my column? Nothing. Zip. Nada. A total media blackout. The media just won’t allow the American people hear anything positive about Trump.

Then during that same weekend President Trump made some comments about the Covid vaccine that I strongly disagreed with. It is the first issue we have ever disagreed on. I made several national television appearances to make my case. I believe he is a huge favorite to regain the White House in 2024. But the way Trump is speaking about the vaccine could turn off his base and therefore damage his prospects.

Of course, the media took this as a negative. They couldn’t wait to announce that Wayne Allyn Root is fighting with Donald Trump. My disagreement with Trump made headlines all over the USA and all over the world. Before I went to sleep last night, I read the cover story at the UK Daily Mail.

Earlier in the day my disagreement with Trump made headlines at AOL, Yahoo News, Reuters, Business Insider, the Daily Beast and hundreds of other newspapers and news sites across the world.

Crazy. The best way to guarantee fame with the media is to disagree ONCE with Donald Trump. They’ll make you famous for that one time. Anything to make Trump look bad.

But I’m not fighting with Trump. That’s a lie. That’s fake news. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

A journalist for Reuters contacted me today. Here was my response:

Good morning Alexandra. I am a strong supporter of President Trump. Always have been. Always will be. I believe he was the greatest president of my lifetime- even better than Ronald Reagan. I believe Trump is the best economic president in history. I wish he was president right now. America would be headed in a far more positive direction. I believe the odds are very high Trump will be president again in 2024. And I’ll be his biggest supporter.

If anyone agrees with me 70% or more on issues, we are friends and teammates. President Trump and I agree 99% of the time on every political issue.

This is the first issue I’ve ever disagreed with him on. It doesn’t dampen my enthusiasm for having him back as president one bit.

He was a great president. He has made one of the greatest political comebacks in history- as of right now. A huge majority of the country wants him back. A huge number of voters wish they could have their vote back. Biden is a disaster. I believe Trump is the prohibitive favorite to be back in the White House in 2024. I pray that happens.

But we do disagree on this one issue- the Covid vaccine. The “intervention” I spoke of was simply a chance to convince President Trump that he should alter his message. He deserves full credit for being a four star General and coordinating the amazing response to Covid. Trump was fantastic. But he should now stress…

1. The vaccine and booster after booster for everyone was not what was intended. The vaccine was only to fight a holding pattern until therapeutics could be developed. Trump had put therapeutic development on a fast track. Biden and the Dems stopped that.

2. The vaccine was never intended for those who had Covid and have therefore acquired natural immunity.

3. It was only intended for those at high risk and certainly NEVER for children.

4. He should stress his strong opposition to vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, mask mandates, and lockdowns.

5. And, Trump would never have allowed power-crazed, control-freak politicians to use the vaccine as an excuse to destroy your business or steal your job.


Wayne Allyn Root

I think that accurately sums up my position. President Trump does not, and obviously will not pivot 180 degrees from Covid vaccine cheerleader, to being negative about the vaccine. Nor
does he have to.

But he needs to pivot now to one core message…

Condemning in the strongest terms how the vaccine mandate is being used to destroy jobs, businesses and lives. He needs to become the most ferocious opponent of vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, mask mandates and lockdowns.

President Trump should take credit for making the vaccine available in record time, but he has to point out that America is about freedom and choice. Those who want it, can get it because of his efforts. Those who don’t want it, are free to never get it. And he must stress he will fight for our right to freedom and choice.

Here’s perhaps the most crucial point of all for President Trump to make: If “science” won’t respect or allow discussion, or debate, it’s no longer science, it’s just propaganda.

I’m all in for Trump 2024. Happy New Year.

P.S. One post script after-the-fact. I took a position in disagreement with Trump for the first time. I got thousands of responses in the past 24 hours. Thousands. Every single conservative, patriot Trump supporter that contacted me was on my side. Every single one of them thanked me for my courage and for speaking raw truth. Every single one of them hopes and prays I can help Trump see the light on this one issue. Trump’s army of 80 million is 100% on my side.

And although 99% of the emails were from Trump supporters, I also got about 100 emails from liberal Trump haters. You know the kind- mentally-ill, vile, vicious, filled with hate for Trump and America. These liberal losers are always on the wrong side of every issue.

The only argument these geniuses have is “Go to hell. I hope you and your family die from Covid.” What great brilliant orators and debaters! That’s the opposition, folks. Low-class losers with nothing to say except hate. And using filthy curse words in every other word. And this one time, they’re all on Trump’s side. That’s right, the 100+ liberals who contacted me
to curse me out and wish death upon me, were all defending Trump. That says it all. Trump screwed up. If those disgusting Marxist low-lives who hate America are on Trump’s side, he’s made a gigantic mistake and miscalculation on this one issue. If those mentally-ill people agree with you, you know something is very, very wrong.

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