Thursday 13 January 2022

HUMILIATING: Videos Show Same Senators Trying To Eliminate Filibuster To Pass Universal Vote-Cheating Bill Once Fought Vigorously to Maintain Filibuster

 Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and his Democrat colleagues in the Senate who once vowed to fight to keep the crucial legislative filibuster in place are now saying they would like to see the filibuster eliminated.

Democrats know that if they can eliminate the filibuster as a way to pass their universal vote-cheating (HR1) bill, they will never need to worry about being in the minority again. But before their plot to permanently and fundamentally change the way Americans vote, the Democrats recognized the importance of the filibuster. Not only did they recognize the importance of the filibuster, but they also said it was critical to protect “minority rights, calling its potential elimination an “abuse of power,” and vowed to “resist” anyone who tried to eliminate it.

#1. In 2019, Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders defended the filibuster, saying it protects “minority rights.”

#2. Democrat Senator Patrick Leahy also said, “no,” when asked if we should get rid of the filibuster.

#3. In 2019, Senator Bob Casey said he favored keeping the legislative filibuster.

#4. Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse expressed discomfort in eliminating the filibuster, which he claimed would “reduce the Senate to a body where a simple majority would ultimately prevail.”

#5. In 2021, Senator Maggie Hassan said she had “concerns about eliminating the filibuster.”

#6. In 2019, Senator Cory Booker said he would “personally resist efforts to get rid of” the filibuster. Democrat Senator Booker said, “Democrats should not be doing anything to mess with the strength of the filibuster.”

#9. Senator Richard Blumenthal said the filibuster was “our right” in 2017.

#10. Senator Chris Coons said he was “committed to never voting to change the legislative filibuster,” calling it among the “most important” rules of the United States Senate.

In 2017, 32 Democrat senators signed a bipartisan letter in favor of the filibuster.

#11. Senator Jack Reed said eliminating the filibuster would “eviscerate the rights of the minority in the Senate.”

#12. In 2017, Hillary’s former running mate, Senator Tim Kaine, threatened to use the filibuster as a “tool” against the Republicans.

#13. Senator Mark Warner said it would take an “awful, awful lot” for him to agree to end the filibuster.

#14. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who is currently leading the charge to eliminate the filibuster, vehemently defended it, even calling it an “abuse of power” to try to eliminate it. Senator Schumer also said it would be “doomsday for democracy” if the Senate changed its rules on the filibuster. Senator Schumer also vowed to stand in the way of anyone who would want to eliminate it.

Finally, Joe Biden, in 2005, said that eliminating the filibuster would be an “arrogance of power” and a “fundamental power grab by the majority party.” Biden, who is now firmly backing the elimination of the filibuster, called the elimination of the filibuster ” a very dangerous thing to do,” only two years ago. Biden explained to his supporters that “progressives” have used it to make sure they don’t get rolled over.”

Once again, moderate Joe Manchin (D-WV) may be the senator that puts the kibosh on the Democrat’s dirty plan to steal elections by standing against the elimination of the filibuster, which would prevent Democrats from stripping Republicans of their ability to stand up against the dirty and corrupt HR1 vote-stealing legislation.

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