Thursday 6 January 2022

BREAKING: Former Trump Pentagon Official Exposes Jan 6th Committee, DC Mayor On Bill O’ Reilly Interview

 The fraudulent January 6th Committee has carried out on of the most extensive Congressional investigations in recent history.  Up to this point, no individual involved in January 6th has been given any criminal charge related to inciting an insurrection.  January 6th Committee members have blatantly lied to the American public on numerous occasions, and those who are being investigated have had their Constitutional rights trampled on.  On an interview with Bill O’ Reilly released yesterday, the former Chief of Staff to the Secretary of Defense under President Trump, Kash Patel, exposed both the January 6th Committee and the Capitol Police and DC Mayor.



In the interview, Patel says that he was subpoenaed to testify in front of the January 6th Committee during a late hours session of Congress.  Before receiving any Congressional letter or phone call, the subpoena was leaked to the mainstream media and he was being hounded for interviews/a statement, with a US Marshall showing up to his door the next morning.


During his testimony, he claims that January 6th was not even the primary topic of discussion.  Committee members instead chose to ask him about Trump’s foreign policy in Africa and the Middle East in an attempt to get negative soundbytes from him criticizing the Trump administration.

After discussing the fraudulent January 6th Commitee, Patel goes on to confirm that President Trump requested 10,000-20,000 National Guardsmen to deploy to the Capitol prior to the January 6th unrest, and that the request was declined by the Capitol Police and the D.C Mayor, who’s authorization is required before deploying National Guardsmen to their jurisdiction.

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