Thursday 23 December 2021

VIDEO: AZ Legislators Hold Election Integrity Panel At TPUSA AmericaFest – Sen. Borrelli: “I Think The Canvas Is More Than The Count.”


Arizona State Senate President Karen Fann, Senator Sonny Borrelli, and Rep. Jake Hoffman chaired an election integrity panel on Sunday during Turning Point USA’s biggest event in history.

Over 400 students and everyday patriots over-filled the breakout session titled “State by State Election Integrity: What Happened in Arizona, The Audit, and The Future”.

Breitbart’s Alex Marlow hosted Sunday’s panel, chaired by Arizona State Legislators.

The crowd booed at the mention of AZ Governor Doug Ducey’s name.

Here are some key remarks. Find the full video below.

Fann: So talking about the week of the elections, the interesting thing is, things that you’ve read in the media, don’t believe half the stuff you read because they do kind of make stuff up. What I can tell you is right after the election, I reached out to every single supervisor and said, “We have serious problems here. We have a lot of people that are contacting us with concerns about things that they saw at the polls, things that they observed, things that they had questions about. We need to get ahold of this, we need to get in front of this and get these questions answered for our public because they are never going to be able to trust our elections again if we don’t answer their questions for them.” It started out where they said, great idea, Karen, we’re with you, great idea. And within just a few weeks, they changed their tune and said nevermind, we don’t want to do anything about it. And it just kind of went downhill from there. Before we even selected the auditors, before we even talked to the first auditors that we were talking to. The media was already trashing any prospect of even doing an audit, not just in Arizona, but across the country. Now you have to ask yourself, why is it why would somebody not want an audit? Why would you not want to know that your vote is secure and safe, and only legal votes are being counted? Why would you not want to make sure that every one of our voters in this state and every state knows that elections count? They are sacred votes, and nobody should be messing with them.

Arizona State Senator Sonny Borrelli read a page from the 2020 Democratic Party Platform, which they seem to have abandoned with their harsh opposition to any form of post-election audits.

Page 56 of The Democratic Party 2020 Platform

Borrelli: The hypocrisy is completely off the charts. 

Hoffman: It absolutely is. And you know, I look out in this room. And this is a room full of American first people. This is a roomful of people who believe that election integrity is the most important issue facing our country today! It is the civil rights issue of our day. And when it comes to how I reacted on election night, who calls elections? Who wins that’s what stunned me, is who really is responsible for calling the outcome of elections. Is it Fox News? Is it MSNBC or CNN? No, it’s not. It’s our elected officials in charge of elections and the Constitution gives that responsibility to the legislatures. The Constitution gives that responsibility to the legislatures. Now legislatures, unfortunately, all across the country have farmed too much of that responsibility out to Secretaries of States, county recorders, county elections boards, right? And in Arizona, we have that same issue. And so as a member of the House, I was newly elected at the November general election, and I started working with members like Senator Borrelli, and Senate President Fann, and other members of the legislature to build coalitions of legislators, to call on our House leadership. Because if you notice, this is the what audit? It’s not the House audit, It’s not the Legislative audit, It’s the Senate audit. Because we need members with courage like representatives Finchem and Biasucci, and Chaplik, and many others in the House, but we didn’t have enough. And so that’s where you all come in because we have to have an active and engaged citizenry just like our founders talked about. So that we hold our elected officials accountable and fix these elections once and for all.

Fann: Ken Bennett was our Senate liaison. He was the past secretary of state here in Arizona, as well as the past Senate President. He was our liaison. He testified about all the broken election laws that he observed from day one, he was there almost every single day. Congressman Biggs asked the Supervisors, he said I can show you right now. I have proof that you deleted files, files were deleted off of the servers. Would you like to respond to that? Now they’re under oath. And what did they say? Well, yeah, we did. And they gave an excuse like, well, we had to do it because we had to make room for an upcoming election. Congressman Biggs said although that doesn’t explain all the older elections that are still on the server, that you chose to do this. Needles us to say, they said Oh, it’s okay. We backed it up before we delete it. We back it up on another backup archive. And Congressman big says, oh, well did you turn that over to the Senate and the auditors and they go, Well, no, we didn’t. And he said, why not? He says, oh, because they didn’t subpoena backup files. Now, what does that tell you? Because not only have they fought us the entire way. But we have now known and they now admit that they intentionally deleted things and then have tried to hide it from us. Now, what have they got to hide? Why is it if there’s nothing to hide? Why aren’t we doing this? Another thing quickly, is you heard, oh, they didn’t even hire a certified auditor. They’re not certified auditors. Folks, there are no certified election auditors. They do not exist. Right when this started, I called the FEC and I said, Could you please give me a list of the certified election auditors in the United States? Because this is what we want to do here. And you know what they said to me, they said there are none. But we’re sure glad you’re doing this in Arizona. It’s about time that this was done.

The audience of patriots from across America was astonished by these findings because many of them have not seen any coverage provided by failing news outlets like Fox News and Bret Baier, who helped to defraud voters on election night.

The Gateway Pundit has covered this topic extensively.

Marlow: So was the intention of the audit to overthrow the election? I’d love to hear that for the fake news out there.


Fann: We have said this from day one. This is about election integrity. This was not about Trump. This was not about overthrowing the government. It was not about overthrowing the election. It was first and foremost. Election integrity. Let’s count these votes. Why did we have over 200,000 adjudicated ballots? Over 11% and the normal is 1%. Remember these counts were so close this year, which made it even more important. But we said you know and you never ever heard me ever say “fraud”. Because fraud means that somebody did something intentionally to defraud somebody. Well, I can’t prove that yet. What I can prove is that a lot of laws were broken. But it’s up to the Attorney General to not only verify that information, but it’s up to him to find out, was it somebody did it intentionally? Or was it just sloppy work and people didn’t follow the rules? Or did they do something intentionally? That would change whatever the case may be, if the election shows that there was a different outcome, then that’s when the courts will be stepping in and then they can ascertain how and best what to do. And guarantee you, it will be stuck in courts for many, many years. Right? They’re just not going to overthrow this. But that’s what I’m saying. Everybody keeps trying to say that this is all about upheaving the government, it’s not. This is about your sacred vote. This is about you making sure when you go to the polls, that you have 100% confidence and not only what goes on in the future, but that you have some confidence of what happened in this last election.

Is it not to be considered fraud when the elections officials have worked so hard to cover this up?

Is it not illegal and intentional to impede a legal investigation, defy subpoenas, and delete elections data right before the audit began?

they now admit that they intentionally deleted things and then have tried to hide it from us. Now, what have they got to hide?”

The Arizona audit was not meant to overturn the election but it is now clear that fraud occurred. The Arizona Legislature has a duty to decertify fraudulent elections.

Marlow: Let’s summarize some of the key findings of the audit particularly those that the fake news might not want to focus on.

Borrelli: For one thing, we did find that that we had a lot of people registered to vote, but somehow their ballots got in there, that shouldn’t be in there. We always used the word you know, what use the word, what about the count? I think the canvas is more than the count.

We took a look at Pima County. So we looked at the voter rolls there. People have voted and through a short, quick investigation. They found a sorority house out in Pima County with 27 people 27 or 24 people registered to vote at that location. And they all voted. But the average age of the sorority house is 45 years old. My friends in law enforcement told me that that’s a clue. Even on tribal lands, we found that we had more registered voters that voted that actually reside there on tribal land. So these are the kinds of things that you know, there’s 25 people registered at a vacant lot on the corner, there’s no mailbox but somehow they got a mail-in ballot submitted in the system. It was counted and they didn’t have a signature on it. We already have that proof. So look, did you have those signatures? One just had this little checkmark over in the corner, and they counted that as a signature. The law says you’re not supposed to allow that to happen. But it was allowed to happen. So there’s a lot of things it’s 1000 paper cuts on how this election was run poorly, but now where do we go from here?

Hoffman:  Keep in mind, election integrity is not a Republican issue. It is not a Democrat issue. It helps every single voter regardless of your party status, your race, your income, your gender, etc. It is an issue that we should all be wholly in agreement on. And as Senator Borrelli pointed out early on, ironically, we actually are in whole agreement on this. The Democrats in their party platform, the Democrats on the floor of the United States Senate in 2015. Were talking about this very issue. In fact, the top Democratic groups in the country, Hillary Clinton acolytes, they’ve published entire white papers on the need to preserve and secure American elections. This is not a Republican-only issue. So Arizona led the way, we didn’t get the same acclaim that the other states did, because we were methodical. We were strategic. And we took the big bites out of the right apples. So how many of you know that Mark Zuckerberg swarmed over almost half a billion dollars into US elections in 2020? Right? Now, look at that. Everybody in the room. Everybody in the room. Yeah, millions of dollars here in Arizona. Well, Arizona told big tech billionaires, get the hell out of our state! You’re not going to fund our elections. We also banned things like the mass mailing of ballots Things like a mass mailing of ballots to voters that didn’t request them. This is a problem all over the country. Adrian Fontes the radical Democrat Maricopa County Recorder tried to do it, but Arizona took it one step further and it was with with proper course. We added a class five felony for any recorder that wants to go rogue and screw with Arizonans elections.

Again, almost nobody knew that Mark Zuckerberg bought the 2020 elections, nationwide and in Maricopa County.

Fann: We are watching you, and when I say we are watching you, it means we are watching them. we are not going to let this happen anymore. You see something, say something, right? We’ve heard that. And we know that we need to make sure that we have a lot of election poll workers. If you haven’t had the opportunity to do that. Please sign up, get some training, they’ll give you training, make sure it’s the right training, and go to the polls, because you are the eyes and the ears, all over the country. If we are watching what’s going on, if we’re holding their feet to the fire, and we’re making them follow the rules, then there can’t be any cheating. And if we make sure that if there are machines used, they darn well better be calibrated, they better be inspected. They better be done before, during, and after the time no matter what we do. But it’s up to us folks. We cannot rely on anybody else to do this. It’s up to us and that’s where you guys can do this.

Borrelli: Virginia is a great example. Senator Amanda Chase came to Arizona to watch the audit. Saw we were looking for, what we found and stuff like that. Actually watched what was going on, took that information back to Virginia. This is what we need to be looking for. This is what we need to be watching out for and guess what happened.

Where do we go from here?

Patriots need to fight the fraud in 2022.

The was not about overturning an election, however, once indictments are served, this election absolutely must be decertified.

“When you rob Tiffany’s of its diamonds and you get caught, you’re supposed to return them.”

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