Sunday 12 December 2021

STILL UNKNOWN: Where Did the Mysterious 298,000 Absentee Ballots in Georgia Come from After Election Day?


One year ago we reported on the unexplained 2020 Election results in Georgia reported by state officials.  A similar review was reported today at UncoverDC.

We reported the following on December 20, 2020, almost a year ago to the date:

A review of Georgia results from the 2020 election indicates more corruption than reported to date in the the Peach State.

  1. On election night at 7:20 pm, Ralph Jones (of pull the Biden ballots out from under the table fame) reports a total of 130,517 absentee ballots received with 86,191 counted. That would leave 44,326 absentee ballots remaining to count plus any other ballots received on 11/3. Although, note that when Jones reports his totals it is past the cut-off time to legally accept any new absentee ballots and one would assume they had been collecting ballots from drop off boxes and the mail room throughout the day.
  2. The Secretary of State’s website reported 146,994 total absentee ballots received. That equals 16,477 additional ballots were received sometime late on election day and should never have been counted.
  3. At a rate of 3,000 ballots processed per hour times five machines at the State Farm Center, 15,000 ballots could have been processed per hour. Ralph Jones said there were only 44,326 ballots remaining to count on election night.  At a rate of 15,000 per hour, that should have taken three hours to complete.  But instead this went on for days!
  4. On the next day at 1:25 pm, Jessica Corbitt, the Public Information Officer for Fulton County, reported that Fulton had counted 74,000 absentee ballots which is 12,191 less ballots than Jones had reported the previous evening?
  5. Corbitt also reported that 67,000 ballots were remaining to be counted. This is 22,674 more ballots left to count than was reported by Jones the night before.  The ballots all should have been counted by this time if workers were counting ballots from the night before.  They only needed an estimated three hours after Ralph Jones reported ballots left but they were still counting mid-day on November 4th.
  6. Assuming Corbitt’s 74,000 number of absentee ballots counted is accurate, 74,000 + 67,000 ballots remaining to be counted equals 141,000 absentee ballots which of course doesn’t match either Jones’s totals of 130,517 or the Secretary of State’s  number reported of 146,994.
  7. Sometime shortly after midnight on November 5th, hours later, the AJC reports Barron as saying there were 128,000 total absentee ballots and that 96% had been adjudicated (122,880) . This of course doesn’t make sense because Jones had reported 130,517 on 11/3 at 7:20 pm and Corbitt had reported 141,000 at 1:25 pm on 11/4. The SOS final reported 146,994. There were four different amounts of total absentee ballots reported in two days, 128,000130,517141,000 and 146,994!
  8. At 4:30 am on 11/5, Barron stated there are 10,000 absentee ballots remaining to be counted.
  9. At 7:27 am on 11/5, Barron stated there are approximately 140,000 total absentee ballots. Seven hours earlier, he had said there were 128,000.

Kevin Moncla at UncoverDC shared more information on Georgia’s impossible results today. 

Moncla shared:

The Secretary of State appeared on the Today Show the day after the election. The hosts were asking about the not-yet-determined Georgia election results. At the time, the presidential race stood like this:

Raffensperger then appeared on the show and answered questions as to the state of the election. Raffensperger explains that there were 4.7 million total votes in Georgia. Then he specifically says:

“We have about 2% left to go, and you can see where we are right now with the results that have been reported. I don’t think they’ll change any outcomes, but that’s what those people that make those predictions do. What we’ll do….”

The call is dropped. A few minutes later, Raffensperger is back on, and the host asks:

“You said you have 2% left to count. You didn’t think, however, that it would be changing the outcome. Is that based on your analysis of where those votes are outstanding, or are you just guessing it because of the fact that it’s only 2%?

Raffensperger emphatically responds with:

We don’t guess. What we do is report. We just see where the candidates are right now in both Presidential, Congressional, and Senatorial, and you look at how many votes are out there. Even if one of the candidates got 100%, it wouldn’t be enough to move it one way or the other.

Raffensperger is right. The difference was 103,705 votes, with Trump in the lead. The 2% remaining was only approximately 94,000 votes. If you add the totals reported, plus the 94,000 outstanding, the total comes to 4,759,119 votes, or 4.75 Million (Exactly what Raffensperger claimed).

But the election ended with much more:

Moncla writes that CNN reported on November 4th at 8:54 p.m., that according to Secretary of State Raffensperger, there are now 122,535 left to count with 26,815 counted in the last 30 minutes alone:

Moncla concludes:

However, they didn’t finish the count until November 7th, three days later. With all votes for election day and early voting uploaded on election night, it only leaves the absentee ballots to finalize. So the question remains—where did all these extra absentee ballots come from? All 298,000 of them!

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