Saturday 18 December 2021

Maniacal Dr. Fauci Is Now Pushing for a Universal Coronavirus Vaccine and the Media Praises Him as a Trusted Servant


In an NBC article on Wednesday, Dr. Fauci is portrayed as an honest and dependable voice saving the world from COVID.  The reality is many Americans consider Fauci a maniacal monster. 

NBC reported on Wednesday:

The scientific quest for a universal coronavirus vaccine received a boost Wednesday, as three top federal researchers, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, outlined a path to develop new vaccines that could tackle a variety of ailments including Covid-19, some common colds and future viruses.

Writing in the New England Journal of Medicine, Fauci and two colleagues said the virus that causes Covid-19 is unlikely to be eliminated, and current vaccines are too limited to prevent the emergence of new variants. Other coronaviruses are also likely to spill over from animals to become future pandemic threats, they wrote.

To overcome these problems, the authors argue the research world should “fully commit” to developing a “second-generation” of coronavirus vaccines that would provide broad protection across the genetic spectrum of coronaviruses. They suggest forming an international effort to collect animal coronavirus samples worldwide and developing ethical challenge trials for coronaviruses, among other measures.

During the past two decades, the world has seen four deadly coronavirus outbreaks, including two bouts with SARS in the early 2000s, the emergence of MERS in 2012 and now Covid-19, which has killed more than 800,000 Americans.

The commentary offers no quick fix for the pandemic. But Fauci’s endorsement of the universal vaccine approach could serve as a clarion call and blueprint for scientists.

“It’s good as a roadmap,” Pablo Penaloza-MacMaster, a viral immunologist and assistant professor at Northwestern University, said of the paper. “It creates some scientific clarity: What are the specific hurdles for developing universal vaccines?”

Many in America and around the world believe that Dr. Fauci is maniacal and dishonest – never to be trusted.  One of the many reasons for this is that Dr. Fauci sat next to the President of the United States, Donald Trump, for months and never once mentioned that he had funded multiple studies in China, overseen by China’s military, related to COVID.

President Trump brought in Dr. Atlas after months of Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birks running the country’s COVID campaign.  Dr. Atlas stated that he believed that these doctors were doing all they could to mess up the country with insane actions in their COVID strategy and VP Mike Pence covered for them.

Bobby Kennedy Jr. also shares the truth on Fauci in a new book “The Real Anthony Fauci”.  Below he discussed Fauci making millions on the COVID vaccines.

NBC appears to be publishing propaganda and not news.  Referring to Dr. Fauci as a respected actor in this COVID operation ignores the beliefs of a material amount of Americans and individuals worldwide.  Don’t they care about sharing any concerns about Dr. Fauci?

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