Friday 17 December 2021

Jan 6 Committee Subpoenas Col Waldron For ‘Playing a Role in Promoting Claims of Election Fraud,’ Communicating with Trump White House


The sham January 6 Committee on Thursday subpoenaed retired Colonel Phil Waldron for records and testimony.

Last November Rudy Giuliani’s first witness at the Arizona election hearing was information warfare officer Retired Army Colonel Phil Waldron.

The Marxists on the J-6 panel are targeting Waldron because he worked with Trump’s lawyers and testified before state lawmakers on the rampant Democrat 2020 election fraud.

“According to public reporting, you claim to have visited the White House on multiple occasions after the election, spoken to Mark Meadows “maybe 8 to 10 times” and briefed several members of Congress on election fraud theories,” Jan 6 Chairman Bennie Thompson wrote in a letter to Waldron. “You have also publicly acknowledged contributing to the creation of a PowerPoint presentation that was given to, or described for, Republican members of Congress on the eve of January 6th.”

Recall, Col Waldron spoke at election hearings in Arizona, Pennsylvania and Michigan last December.

Waldron claimed truckloads of ballots for Joe Biden were inserted into the 2020 election.

Waldron told the Arizona election committee that they have witnesses who delivered truckloads of ballots for Joe Biden from New York to Pennsylvania. Waldron said they likely did the same thing in Wisconsin.

Colonel Waldron also spoke about the voting machines used in US elections.

The Dominion systems were connected to the Internet as well, despite Dominion’s claims to the contrary. The records within the system can be manipulated by outside parties and insiders as well.

Bennie Thompson called Waldron’s PowerPoint presentation an “alarming blueprint for overturning a nationwide election.”

“Mr. Waldron reportedly played a role in promoting claims of election fraud and circulating potential strategies for challenging results of the 2020 election. He was also apparently in communication with officials in the Trump White House and in Congress discussing his theories in the weeks leading up to the January 6th attack. The document he reportedly provided to Administration officials and Members of Congress is an alarming blueprint for overturning a nationwide election. The Select Committee needs to hear from him about all these activities. We expect him to comply with the law and provide records and testimony as the Select Committee continues its work to get answers for the American people about January 6th, make legislative recommendations to strengthen our democracy, and help ensure nothing like that day ever happens again,” Jan 6 Chairman Bennie Thompson said.

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