Monday 13 December 2021

Gunman Opens Fire at “Celebration of Life” Memorial in Texas – 1 Dead, 14 injured, 3 in Critical Condition (VIDEO)


A gunman opened fire at a Pro-Life Celebration of Life memorial in Baytown, Texas on Sunday night.

A mother was holding a vigil for her son who was killed at his home.
A gunman drove by and shot up the celebration of life memorial.

At least one is dead and 14 injured in the shooting at the memorial.

Here is video from the local sheriff.

Todd Starnes reported:

A gunman opened fire Sunday night on a crowd that had gathered at a Celebration of Life ceremony in Baytown, Texas.

A motorist drove by the location and opened fire striking a number of people. The injured were rushed to area hospitals. At least one person was killed. A child is also believed to have been injured

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office told television station K

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