Wednesday 22 December 2021

Despite Being Vaccinated, NEW YORK Hits Highest Daily Covid Infection Ever – MI, MN, VT, and MD Also See Surging Numbers

 Joe Biden’s speech tomorrow regarding the Covid “crisis”, would have historical precedent if the Captain of the sinking Titanic had given a speech to passengers and crew just before it broke apart and sank. No matter what Demented Joe has to say, the new tsunami of Covid is showing that the vaccines do not work.

Yes, we hear the mindless idiots who have taken multiple vaccines and boosters insist the shots saved them even after contracting Covid again. The list of vaccinated who are now testing positive with Covid is growing by the hour:

  • Jim Cramer
  • Senator Cory Booker
  • Senator Elizabeth Warren
  • Biden Staffer
  • Maryland Governor Larry Hogan

And blue state New York, with some of the most draconian measures violating civil rights in the name of preventing the spread of Covid, is now reporting the highest level of daily reflections since the outbreak started in 2020:

New York is not alone. Add to this list Michigan, MinnesotaMaryland, and Vermont. Pennsylvania and Massachusetts are on track to do the same. It would be one thing if these states were filled with anti-vaxers. They are not. Just the opposite. Heavy vaccinations, mask mandates and shutdowns. Yet, these stringent measures have not prevented the re-emergence of Covid.

Each passing day it becomes clearer that the Covid vaccines do not prevent the spread of Covid. Even worse, people who are vaccinated are not immune to testing positive. No amount of spin can erase this fact.

The captain of the ill-fated Titanic could not pretend there was no iceberg. The passengers thrashing frantically in the frosty waters knew the truth. The same now applies to Covid. The Biden plan is kaput. His mantra of more vaccines is being exposed as a fraud. You were promised if you got the jab the scary Covid would go away. Turns out that is not true. Grab a lifeboat kids.

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