Saturday 4 December 2021

AWKWARD SILENCE As Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony Host Waits 2 Minutes After Introducing Joe and Jill Biden For Them To Arrive On Stage [VIDEO]

 It’s no secret people around the world are concerned about Joe Biden’s mental fitness, yet curiously, when Joe received his annual physical last month, he didn’t take a cognitive test.

Last night, Joe and his nurse/wife Jill left a small DC crowd wondering where he was when he failed to appear on the stage after being introduced at the National Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony by host LL Cool J.

“Now, it is my tremendous honor to welcome our literal (?) host, the actual host, for this very American celebration, President Biden and Frist Lady Dr. Jill Biden,” the aging rapper told the small crowd as the band cued up the Christmas music.

After about 2 minutes of silence with sirens blaring in the background, the rapper nervously tells the crowd, “Alright, alright, good vibes—it will be fine—-things will go well.” He tells them to sit back down and stand again (for the cameras) when the Biden’s arrive. A voice can be heard in the background telling the crowd, “Applause!” as they begin to clap.

Two minutes after their introduction, Jill and Joe make their way to the stage. As they walk onto the stage, Jill waves to the crowd, covering the face of her confused patient/husband. 

Was Joe napping backstage?


Watch the awkward scene here:

Earlier today, we wrote about a new book by Miranda Devine: “Laptop from Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide.” Her book provides new insight into how President Biden’s son views his father’s mental health. The book reveals a stunning text conversation between Hunter and his therapist where he discusses his dad’s dementia.

Meanwhile, the dishonest corporate media is perfectly satisfied with a puppet president who clearly has no clue where he is or what he’s doing, as long as their socialist agenda is becoming a reality while Joe occupies the White House. Apparently, Jill is okay with her husband being repeatedly humiliated as well. Jill sure seems like a loving human wife, as she drags her husband around to special events like a marionette or an organ grinder with a monkey on a leash.

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