Friday 12 November 2021

Road Rage Video: First Driver Pulls Sword, Second Driver Pulls Rifle

 Cell phone video showing a road rage incident in Portland, Oregon, last week captured one driver pulling a sword and approaching a car, the driver of which opened his trunk and pulled out a rifle.

The Daily Mail reported that the video shows “a man donning a dark baseball cap and glasses…raising the sword behind his head and repeatedly stepping towards the other motorist, who is dressed in a plaid shirt and jeans.”

The initially unarmed driver remained calm as the driver with the sword appeared to raise the sword as if about to swing it.

Words appeared to be exchanged, and the driver with the sword returned to his car while the second driver opened his trunk and retrieved a rifle.


The Daily Mail notes that Portland saw “shootings and murders [soar] after the city’s police department saw its budget cut by $15 million last year as part of the woke city council’s new defunding plan following the death of George Floyd.”

The Associated Press explained that the number of murders in Portland by late October this year had already surpassed the record number of murders for a full year. That record, 66 murders, was set in 1987. There were 67 murders in Portland by late October of 2021.

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