Monday 15 November 2021

Psaki Mocked After Rushing To Defend Kamala Harris Following CNN Chaos Report: ‘Worse Than Saying Nothing’

 White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was mocked on Sunday evening after she rushed to defend Vice President Kamala Harris following a CNN report that suggested that Harris’ allies in the White House are blaming President Joe Biden and the rest of the administration for her struggling in recent polls.

“For anyone who needs to hear it,” Psaki tweeted on Sunday night. “@VP is not only a vital partner to @POTUS but a bold leader who has taken on key, important challenges facing the country—from voting rights to addressing root causes of migration to expanding broadband.”

Psaki’s statement generated instant mockery online, including some of the following notable responses:

  • Arthur Schwartz, political strategist: “You know Kamala is in bad shape when she needs Biden and his piss poor approval ratings to vouch for her. And Biden wouldn’t even do it himself — he sent out his flack who has been mercilessly trashing the VP to the press.”
  • Erick Erickson, radio host: “This is such a Queen move. You list the three things the Administration is failing out badly to claim Kamala is vital. Oof.”
  • Benjamin Hall, reporter: “Hardly the kind of thing you would write if you had complete confidence..”
  • Josh Hammer, Newsweek: “If you’ve gotta say it like this, then it’s not true.”
  • Matt Whitlock, political strategist: “WOW — the White House is so rattled by reporting on dysfunction between Biden and Harris they’re putting out defensive statements. Love that Psaki is touting Kamala’s leadership on ‘root causes of immigration,’ an effort that has become a punchline as the border collapsed.”
  • Harmeet Dhillon, attorney: “Hahaha this is worse than saying nothing. Imagine the Game of Thrones machinations that took place for this to be the compromise tweet.”
  • Ian Miles Cheong, writer: “Jen Psaki throwing the subtlest of shades at Kamala Harris, reminding Kamala of what her job is and how she’s bad at it.”
  • Jim Hanson, defense expert: “Translation: We have no viable method to get rid of her.”
  • Robert Tracinski, writer: “If you have to say this, you’re already losing.”
  • Josh Dolin, political commentator: “They can’t even find one shred of truth to defend someone who is now officially the most unpopular VP in the history of the United States.”
  • Andrew McCarthy, former federal prosecutor: “What must be going on behind scenes if they decided they had to put this out 9pm Sunday night?”
  • Bryan Dean Wright, former CIA officer: “Kamala’s approval rating sits at 28%. That’s a record breaker, with Harris beating out warmonger Dick Cheney and his record low of 30% set back in 2007.”

The report from CNN painted Harris and her team as blaming the rest of the administration for not getting the support that they say that they need and claiming that the choice of assignments that Biden has given to her has contributed to her struggles because they are too difficult.

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