Tuesday 9 November 2021

MSNBC Columnist Claims Inflation Crisis Is Actually A Good Thing

Everyone knows that MSNBC is a far left network posing as news but sometimes it’s still surprising to see the lengths they will go to defend Democrats.

A recent column at MSNBC actually defended inflation as a good thing.

This is nothing more than a lame attempt to defend Joe Biden. If Trump was still president and we had this kind of inflation, you know MSNBC would be calling it the worst thing ever.

FOX News reports:

MSNBC columnist says current inflation crisis is actually a ‘good thing’

An MSNBC opinion columnist is attempting to spin the current inflation crisis as a “good thing,” calling the coronavirus pandemic an “unlikely hero” in a new piece published Monday.

James Surowiecki began his column by suggesting the media has been fearmongering over the consequences of inflation Americans have been facing, calling out an “odd” CNN segment that highlighted the impact of rising milk costs for a family of nine who buys 12 gallons a week rather than a normal-sized family, writing “the segment succumbed to one of the media’s worst tendencies: taking a real issue and overhyping it beyond recognition,” accusing the network of “frightening” viewers instead of “enlightening” them.

“Any discussion of inflation needs to include the context in which it’s happening. Historically, recessions have left Americans poorer, not better off. But the Covid recession was different,” Surowiecki wrote. “As people shifting their habits drastically in response to the pandemic, they spent much less and saved more.

Even though millions of Americans lost their jobs, enhanced unemployment benefits and stimulus payments left many of them better off, not worse. And the stock market, after initially falling, boomed.”

The story got such a backlash on Twitter that MSNBC deleted the tweet.

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