Saturday 20 November 2021

Matt Gaetz ON FIRE: “We Don’t Demonstrate Our Worth by 8-Hour Speeches that Don’t Change Outcomes” (VIDEO)


Rep. Kevin McCarthy is a very weak Republican Minority Leader.

Following Nancy Pelosi’s unprecedented move to remove an opposition party member from his committee assignments because of a cartoon meme he posted, Kevin McCarthy could not even promise to repay Democrats when Republicans regain power in the House. McCarthy believes in soft power and leading from behind.

Kevin McCarthy would not even vow to remove the corrupt, terrorist-supporting, illegal brother-loving America-hating radical Ilhan Omar from her committee assignments when the GOP takes power. McCarthy would not even commit to removing Fang Fang’s lover from his committee assignments. McCarthy could not even remind Democrats of their many death threats and threats of violence against President Donald Trump and his supporters.

McCarthy is not up to the job of House GOP leader during the current Marxist rebellion in our country.

On Friday Rep. Matt Gaetz poked Kevin McCarthy on The War Room. This was after McCarthy delivered an 8-hour floor speech that accomplished NOTHING. Democrats passed their historic Marxist plan to transform the country into Venezuela this morning.

Rep. Matt Gaetz: We don’t demonstrate our worth by 8-hour speeches that don’t change an outcome. We demonstrate our worth by executing a strategy that confronts this socialist ideology everywhere, that deprives them of momentum in every circumstance. We have to turn every committee in Congress into an oversight committee not a committee to facilitate lobbyist backroom deals.

Via The War Room:


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