Wednesday 10 November 2021

Liz Cheney and the Communist Democrats on the Jan 6th Committee Subpoena Ten More Trump Associates Including Kayleigh McEnany and Stephen Miller


Liz Cheney and the communists in the Democrat Party aren’t interested in the truth.  Their only purpose is to continue to harass President Trump.   They hate Trump, his supporters, America, and its laws.

Liz Cheney joined radical communist-led Democrats in the Jan 6th committee because she hates President Trump for calling out her, her dad and her Democrats for their anti-American actions.  Today the Democrats and Cheney announced they are sending out ten more subpoenas to Trump associates in their political witch-hunt.

House investigators issued subpoenas Tuesday to 10 former officials who worked for Donald Trump at the end of his presidency, an effort to find out more about what the president was doing and saying as his supporters violently stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 in a bid to overturn his defeat.

The subpoenas, including demands for documents and testimony from former senior adviser Stephen Miller and former press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, bring the House panel tasked with investigating the insurrection even closer inside Trump’s inner circle — and closer to Trump himself. They come a day after the committee subpoenaed six other associates of the former president who spread mistruths about widespread fraud in the election and strategized about how to thwart President Joe Biden’s victory.

“The Select Committee wants to learn every detail of what went on in the White House on January 6th and in the days beforehand,” said Mississippi Rep. Bennie Thompson, the Democratic chairman of the panel. “We need to know precisely what role the former president and his aides played in efforts to stop the counting of the electoral votes and if they were in touch with anyone outside the White House attempting to overturn the outcome of the election.”

It is so far unclear if the Jan. 6 panel will subpoena Trump, though the committee’s leaders have said they haven’t ruled anything out. The panel has now issued more than 30 subpoenas, including to White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, longtime ally Steve Bannon and others who were close to the former president.

Four Trump supporters were killed and likely murdered on January 6th at or near the US Capitol in a protest of the stolen 2020 Election.  The Jan 6th Committee won’t look into the 2020 Election that was stolen, they only want to harass President Trump and anyone near him.  They also won’t investigate the deaths and injuries of the Trump supporters.  They don’t care.

Everything the Democrats do is made up, covered up, or created.  The entire siege of the Capitol on January 6th was one of those events.  Instead of addressing the seditious crimes of the individuals in the Capitol certifying a stolen election, those who protested these anti-American and unconstitutional acts were prosecuted.

Today’s Democrat (including Cheney) moves, remind us more of the Staci behind the iron curtain, or the Nazis in Austria and Germany, or the CCP in China, than anyone interested in justice.  This is a political persecution, an inquisition.

While hundreds of innocent Americans are harassed by the DOJ or FBI, for actions the Deep State likely was behind, those who stole the 2020 Election roam free.

Those who push this phoney Jan 6 sham are the real terrorists and insurrectionists.  They are the ones who should be behind bars.

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