Sunday 21 November 2021

Last Year Fauci Hid His Relationship with a Member of the DC Press Corps – This Year He Flaunts It


Last year Dr. Fauci hid his relationship with White House Press corps member Jon Karl.  This year he flaunts it.

Last year in early April as Dr. Fauci was in the middle of his many lies to the American public and President Trump, the doctor gave a member of the White House press pool a finger point.  Daily Caller pointed out that this was directed at pool member Jon Karl from ABC.

You can see the exchange below.

Although somewhat hidden last year, this year Fauci is not hiding it.  As we reported earlier, Fauci showed up at Karl’s book signing party and neglected to wear a mask while there.  These guys are friends in the cause to hurt President Trump.

The fact that Fauci helped support the Chinese military in biological warfare and the development of COVID-19 and he never shared this with President Trump even once shows the kind of guys Fauci and his friends are.

These clowns are so fake.  No surprise here.

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