Saturday 27 November 2021

Jovan Pulitzer Asks: Why in Virtually Every Single Batch of Ballots Cast in Arizona in 2020 Election Was it Human or AI Modified?


The 2020 Election results in Arizona were certified a year ago.  But every day more revelations come out about the mess that was certified by Arizona’s corrupt Democrat Secretary of State and the corrupt Republican governor.

We know there are hundreds of thousands of ballot issues included in the 2020 Election results in Arizona’s Maricopa County.

Election expert Jovan Pulitzer is still looking over the 2020 data and he’s uncovered a monster of an issue in Maricopa County.

Pulitzer identified that nearly every single batch of ballots cast (well over 10,000 batches) that in every single batch the batch was modified by a human or a machine.  This makes no sense.

Here are some examples.

And another.

And another example.

And another example

Why were so many ballots adjudicated and why were there adjudicated ballots in nearly every batch of ballots?  We don’t have all the answers yet but we certainly know that the results in Arizona in the 2020 Election should never ever have been certified.

Only crooks or very ignorant people would certify these results.

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