Friday 19 November 2021

FLU infections sweep through fully vaccinated University of Michigan, shocking the CDC… vaccines destroy the immune system, enhancing vulnerability to EVERY infection

 The University of Michigan Ann Arbor campus reports 313 new influenza cases for the week of November 8th. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) was deployed to investigate the outbreak, along with the local health department and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. The group handed out questionnaires to determine who was vaccinated for the flu and who wasn’t, and this was reported to the corporate media. The University Health Service reported a total of 528 influenza cases since October 6, 2021. These outbreaks are sudden, rampant and come months before a new flu season was even expected.

“While we often start to see some flu activity now, the size of this outbreak is unusual,” said Juan Luis Marquez, medical director at the Washtenaw County Health Department. “We’re grateful for the additional support of the CDC and our ongoing partnership with the university as we look more closely at the situation.”

Fully vaccinated campus is experiencing outbreaks, but this year it’s being called the flu

The “fully vaccinated” campus is experiencing outbreaks of sickness, but they are taking “flu tests” this year instead of the covid tests. On the week of November 8, a shocking 37 percent of flu tests came back positive. This high positivity rate prompted the CDC to investigate. UHS medical director Lindsey Mortenson claims that these cases are all from the influenza A (H3N2) virus. Most of the students are doubly vaccinated for covid-19, and only 23 percent have received a flu vaccine for the 2021-2022 season.

Just one year prior, nearly every fever, respiratory symptom and sickness was labeled “covid-19.” Because of this diagnostic sleight-of-hand, the flu magically disappeared last year (according to CDC statistics).

As vaccine uptake increases (but sickness remains) it’s time to bring the flu back and confine covid-19 cases strictly to the “unvaccinated.” After the campus imposed a covid-19 vaccine mandate on July 30, 2021, symptoms of respiratory illness are no longer referred to as covid-19. The CDC stopped tracking “breakthrough cases” of covid-19, so moving forward, respiratory symptoms are classified as something entirely different for students who are “fully-vaccinated” with the covid-19 spike protein mRNA. The only students who are required to take a covid-19 test are the ones who exempted themselves from the vaccine mandate. Today, all the “fully-vaccinated” students can skip the covid-19 test and call their sickness “the flu.”

According to a recent Bill Gates interview, 2022 is the year that public health authorities will unleash rapid response teams to conduct “germ games” and infectious disease surveillance. These teams will be in charge of checking vaccine status, swabbing people, making judgments on who is responsible for the spread of a virus, before issuing quarantine orders and administering injections on the spot. The CDC’s investigation of the University of Michigan and the corporate media’s follow-up report did nothing but blame people for not getting the flu vaccine, with no investigation into why people are getting sick after being repeatedly vaccinated, year after year. This deceitful demagoguery by the corporate media and the public health authorities is just a taste of what is to come in the years ahead.

Will the CDC investigate antibody-dependent enhancement and pathogenic priming?

The increasing level of sickness is likely a sign of antibody-dependent enhancement, a process of immune depletion that can occur when vaccine-induced antibodies enhance future virus entry and replication in certain cell types. Antibody-dependent enhancement occurs when there is an inadequate supply of non-neutralizing antibodies. Scientists were concerned that the covid-19 vaccines would cause this inadequate immune response, leading to further sickness. Vaccines for respiratory viruses are notorious for generating either specific or cross-reactive antibodies that inadvertently enhance viral attachment and replication. When these “weak” antibodies are present during re-infection, the person suffers from enhanced infection.

When a weakened, vaccinated person faces re-infection with a wild type virus, these non-neutralizing antibodies are not intelligent enough or present in sufficient numbers to bind to the virus and neutralize it. These ineffective antibodies dock at the Fc receptor on the surface of the cells, assist the virus into the cell, and enhance its infectivity. Non-neutralizing antibodies may form immune complexes with viral antigens, ultimately provoking excessive secretion of pro-inflammatory cytokines. The ensuing cytokine storm causes local tissue damage.

The covid vaccines can additionally cause pathogenic priming, leading to more severe respiratory disease in the future, but the CDC won’t be investigating this matter either. An in-silico analysis documented antigenic SARS-CoV-2 protein epitopes for any homology to endogenous human proteins. There was a total of twenty-eight SARS-CoV-2 proteins that contained antigenic regions sharing homology with human proteins. At least one third of these are associated with the adaptive immune system. The odds are good that prior exposure to the virus through vaccination could generate antibodies that target endogenous proteins in the human body. This could trigger autoimmune reactions. This pathogenic priming is capable of suppressing the adaptive immune system, leading to more severe disease.

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