Sunday 21 November 2021

Elizabeth Warren Tries To Defend Biden By Blaming High Gas Prices On Greed Of Oil Companies (VIDEO)


Gas prices are going through the roof across the country. This is the obvious result of Joe Biden’s war on energy producers.

Elizabeth Warren is trying to shift the narrative in an attempt to sheild Biden from Blame.

During a recent appearance on MSNBC, Warren blamed the greed of the oil companies for high gas prices. This is a ridiculous argument. Why was Trump able to keep gas prices so low?

FOX News reports:

Reid spoke with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., who agreed that the economy, in contrast with many inflation reports, is doing well.

“There are a lot of strong signs in this economy, particularly coming out of the pandemic, a lot of good economic indicators,” Warren said.

Reid blamed Republicans for “seizing” onto inflation as an issue to attack President Biden, which she connected to his low approval rating.

Later on in the show, Reid referenced the White House’s announcement on Wednesday to investigate oil companies for allegedly inflating gas prices for profit.

“There are some calls to investigate these oil companies because also, they don’t really like Build Back Better either because it deals with their issues, but how is it when people stay home for a year suddenly the price of gas went up?” Reid said.

Warren agreed, accusing oil companies of “price gouging” while Republicans use the issue politically.

“This isn’t about inflation. This is about price gouging for these guys. So I get it. When we see prices go up we’re all concerned, and the Republicans want to come in and just try to hammer on one theme about this economy, but we got to pay attention to the fact that folks like the oil companies say I think it’s just another opportunity to make profits and we need to call them out on that,” Warren said.

Here’s the video:

This is not about oil company greed.

America was energy independent when Trump left office. High gas prices are a direct result of Biden policies.

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