Wednesday 17 November 2021

Biden’s ‘Build Back Better Act’ Will Allow Illegal Immigrants to Claim Billions in Child Tax Credits


They are trying to destroy America, its economy, and the American Middle Class.

FOX News reports:

Biden’s massive $1.75 trillion spending bill would drop a component of the child tax credit program that could lead to billions in payouts to illegal immigrants.

Tucked away on page 1,647 of the Build Back Better Act, the Democrats’ social spending package, is a provision that would repeal the Social Security number requirement to obtain child tax credits. This change would expand child tax credits to parents of illegal immigrants who don’t have Social Security numbers.

Steven Camarota, a Center for Immigration Studies researcher, estimated that eliminating the requirement could result in up to $2.3 billion in additional child tax credit payouts to illegal immigrants.

Biden’s plan to date appears to be:

  • Steal the 2020 Election and destroy elections going forward
  • Destroy the economy by destroying industries like those in the energy sector
  • Increase inflation and destroy the Middle Class and make them poor
  • Destroy the military and surrender to terrorists who can’t find their location on a globe
  • Destroy the family and pay for abortions internationally as well
  • Destroy individual rights and freedom

Stolen elections have consequences. 

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