Wednesday 10 November 2021

A Confused Joe Biden Hosts NBA Champs: “I Think I’m Supposed to Introduce Somebody… What Are We Supposed to Do Now?” (VIDEO)


Joe Biden hosted the NBA champs at the White House this week.

Joe Biden was confused from the get go.

“Congratulations Milwaukee Bucks. The best of luck for the rest of this season – hahaha actually this season is just beginning for us here,” Biden said after messing up his opening line. “But all kidding aside, best of luck next year but you all are the best.”

“Now, I think I’m supposed to introduce somebody but I’m not sure who I’m supposed to introduce,” he said admitting he’s confused.

Later on Joe Biden had to ask his staff what he’s supposed to do.

“Let me ask the staff, what are we supposed to do now?” Biden said looking around confused.

This guy has the nuclear codes.


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