Sunday 10 October 2021

“This isn’t just about a vaccine”...Los Angeles Firefighters Fight Back...File $1.7 Billion Lawsuit Over Vaccine Mandate [Video]

Hundreds of firefighters in Los Angeles have filed a $1.7 billion lawsuit over the COVID vaccine mandate. This comes after the Los Angeles sheriff declared he’s not following the mandate.

The 871 firefighters who have filed the lawsuit have been warned to be vaccinated by October 20th. Each of the 871 is asking for $2 million each in the case.

Many firefighters have had COVID and have natural immunity or don’t want to take the vaccine for personal reasons.

This is about more than a vaccine for many who feel their freedom is being trampled on.

If the 871 firefighters leave, the system will collapse.

Fighting back is exactly what needs to happen. If no one obeys the mandate, there is nothing the city can do.

“You go from everyone thanking you one day for doing your job and coming and helping them in their time of need, now all of a sudden, you’re a villain.”

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