Sunday 24 October 2021

Former Police Captain Surrounded by Perps...Then Starts Shooting [Video]

 One of the most decorated cops in the Oakland, California police department got into a shootout when he was approached by several individuals trying to rob him. Ersie Joyner (pictured below), a retired police captain of 28 years, took out his gun and began shooting. One of the robbers was killed at the scene of the crime, and Joyner was injured. The remaining two robbers jumped in a black Nissan and sped away.

Ersie Joyner

Video below shows the retired police captain open fire after about one minute:

Surveillance video shows Joyner pumping gas when three men rush him from a vehicle on the other side of the pump. One suspect grabs the cellphone Joyner was holding, and others appear to be digging in Joyner’s pockets and then pulls a chain off his neck.

Joyner does not struggle with the men but, as the suspects open Joyner’s car’s doors and one appears to take his backpack, Joyner pulls out a pistol and opens fire.

This man was just pumping gas at the gas station. What would have happened if he hadn’t been armed? This is another great reason to carry.

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