Wednesday 29 September 2021

One Thing Will Save Us From These Suicidal Lunatics—Mandates


I invite you, the majority who believe in science and vaccines and who don't eat horse paste, to stop sparing any thoughts or prayers for those who die from COVID-19 after adamantly refusing to get jabbed and aggressively promoting anti-vax and anti-mask disinformation during the deadliest pandemic of our lifetimes.

Instead, please join me in dispensing some much-needed tough love and champion vaccine mandates to save our country and fellow neighbors. President Biden agrees, and on Friday the White House announced that millions of federal contractor employees must be vaccinated by December 8.

I only wish the deadline was sooner so more lives could be saved. Nearly one in every 500 Americans alive at the start of this pandemic—more than 650,000 people—has now died to COVID-19. Many of them would still be alive if we had not coddled and tolerated a zealous pro-death cult that continues to compromise our children’s safety and disrespect frontline health-care workers and educators for their perverse, misguided delusion of freedom. If they choose death, let them march off the cliff.

The problem, however, is that their recklessness drags the rest of us to our doom. Some have said that not taking the vaccine is like choosing not to wear a seatbelt. But it’s more like being stuck in a car hijacked by an unhinged driver who refuses to wear a seatbelt and then proceeds to drive full-speed towards oncoming traffic while angrily blaming everyone else for going the wrong way.

Earlier this week, those who were injured in a Kroger grocery store shooting in Tennessee were rushed to the emergency rooms of a nearby hospital, which was already struggling to treat the high number of existing COVID-19 patients. Only 44 percent of Tennessee’s population is vaccinated, and Governor Bill Lee, trying his best to assist the Grim Reaper, signed an executive order banning mask requirements in schools. Across America, we are reading horror stories of how vaccinated, non-COVID patients are being deprived of necessary medical attention because selfish, ignorant people who refuse to take a free, highly available vaccine are filling up the ICUs and depending upon the very same health-care workers whom they ridicule, mock and hold in contempt.

These are the same people who booed Donald Trump last month at his rally in Alabama when he encouraged his zombie death cult to get vaccinated. For years, they applauded his racism, his misogyny, his cruelty, and his incitement for a violent coup, but they finally drew a line when it came to vaccines. Meanwhile, Alabama announced that, thanks to COVID, 2020 is the first year in its history where the state had more deaths than births. How do you reason with people who are literally dying to own the libs?

Florida, never to be outdone in crazy, keeps reminding America to hold its beer and Regeneron. The new surgeon general there opposes mask and vaccine mandates in a state that has suffered more than 50,000 deaths during the pandemic, and Republican State Senator Manny Diaz, who has rejected the vaccine despite surviving COVID-19 last winter, wants to make polio great again and is calling on a review of all vaccine mandates.

Polls show that most Americans support vaccine mandates to save lives and protect our unvaccinated kids. Recently, my home state of California was ranked as having the lowest coronavirus case rate in the nation. Was it a Deep State conspiracy involving the mark of the Beast, unholy witchcraft and perverse wizardry? Did someone sprinkle vaccines in the organic, vegan salad dressing, thereby confirming Michael Flynn’s conspiracy theory? No. People got vaccinated. “More than 82 percent of Californians aged 12 and older have at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine.” The state also implemented vaccine mandates for state employees, teachers and health-care workers. As a result, people are still living and thriving.

United Airlines, which threw down the gauntlet and warned its employees they’ll be put on leave if they don’t get vaccinated by the end of September, just announced 97 percent of its workers have complied with the mandate. Delta Airlines, which said it would increase its monthly health insurance surcharge for unvaccinated workers, announced vaccination rates rose to 82 percent.

Meanwhile, Andrew Wiggins, small forward for my beloved Golden State Warriors, refuses the vaccine and says he will only get jabbed if forced to do so. The NBA thankfully just rejected his ridiculous request for a “religious exemption” from the vaccine. Even though it would harm my basketball team, I hope they part with him on principle if he continues his selfish stance and endangers his colleagues. Enough coddling. I’m even willing to trade him for Ben Simmons of the 76ers who refuses to take any (basketball) shots.

Wiggins should consider Kristen Lowery, a California mother of four, who was a popular anti-vaxxer on social media and whose avatar had the caption “unmasked, unmuzzled, unvaccinated, unafraid.” Well, now she can add “unalive.”

I feel immense pity and sadness for her family, especially her young kids, who will have to live with the painful truth that their 40-year-old mother could still be with them if she had simply taken a highly effective vaccine like most of her California neighbors instead of promoting the poisonous anti-vaxx disinformation blasted daily on Fox News that has literally killed people.

Tough love and vaccine mandates could have saved her life. At the very least, we can help save others.

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