Saturday 11 September 2021

D.C. Congresswoman Swears She Didn’t Let a Pack of Zebras Loose

 Washington, D.C. is dealing with the Running of the Zebras, but its congresswoman wants to make it clear: She is not responsible.

Five zebras have been on the run since Aug. 31 after they escaped from a private farm in Prince George’s County, Maryland, according to The Washington PostRep. Eleanor Holmes Norton, a Democrat who serves as the district’s delegate in the House, released a statement Friday denying any knowledge of how the zebras escaped—while also plugging her hope for D.C. statehood.

“Local news has reported that the zebras were let loose on Saturday or Sunday of last weekend, a period of time during which I was enjoying quiet time at home with my family,” she said.

“My alibi is solid, but given my career of fighting for statehood for the District, which includes years of explaining the importance of having consent of the governed, and given my recent opposition to fences, I can understand why the charge was made.”

It’s unclear why Norton felt the need to weigh in, as there have not been any official claims of her being involved.

Rodney Taylor, the head of the Prince George’s animal services division, told the Post that authorities were working tirelessly to capture the beasts, which have been spotted by residents throughout the state and D.C. suburbs. He said the owner did not seem to have any loose fencing so it’s unknown how the zebras escaped.

To Taylor, who has been with the division for 39 years, wild zebras are a new phenomenon. “This one ranks up there” when compared to past incidents, he told the Post.

Taylor said it could take up to a week to capture the zebras, which are legal to own in Maryland. He advised the public to avoid getting close to them, as they are easily scared and could bite to defend themselves.

Norton seemed to have a rosy outlook on the situation.

“I hope the owners find the zebras and that all involved live long, full lives,” she said.

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