Friday 27 August 2021

Conservative Talk Host Jesse Kelly Shreds Biden Admin Over Death Of Soldiers In Afghanistan (VIDEO)


A suicide bomber killed 13 American soldiers in Afghanistan on Thursday.

People across the U.S. are furious and are demanding answers for how this could happen.

On the Tucker Carslon show, conservative talk host Jesse Kelly, who is a veteran, slammed Biden and the DC establishment.

From FOX News:

Jesse Kelly: Military deserves better than Biden; rips Milley for focus on ‘White rage’

Marine Corps veteran and syndicated radio host Jesse Kelly sounded off Tuesday on President Joe Biden’s intensifying crisis in Afghanistan that has thus far left 13 American service members dead, telling “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Biden and the political class in Washington are coldly analyzing the situation in terms of political strategy, poll numbers and proper rhetoric for future public remarks.

Host Tucker Carlson began his interview by reviewing Biden’s remarks Thursday, as well as a statement from Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., calling on the Delaware Democrat to “clearly and firmly state the United States will stay as long as it takes in Afghanistan.”

“Politics. No patriotism at all, no love of country at all. This is all politics, Tucker. That’s why I’m is full of hate and rage right now as I have been probably since 9/11,” said Kelly, whose program airs weekdays at 6 pm ET on Premiere Radio Networks…

“And I know for a fact the scumbags in the White House who run this country, they are sitting around a table as we speak, and they are not worried about Mommy, they’re not worried about Daddy, they’re not worried about that kid, they haven’t shed a single tear for anybody, they’re worried about poll numbers: They are worried what polls well — how are we doing with middle-aged women and how do you think we did with Black people tonight?”

Watch the video below:

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