Monday 1 June 2020

Mob 'Justice' Ends with Young Man Laying on Street in Broken, Twisted Mess

The violence and looting that engulfed multiple cities Saturday night left a Dallas man hospitalized after he tried to stand up to a mob of rioters.
The vicious assault the man suffered at the hands of the mob left him a bloody wreck on the pavement, according to multiple videos of the incident that were shared on social media.  The videos picture scenes of graphic violence that could be disturbing.
Police said the man, whose name they did not release, had gone to the 2200 block of North Lamar Street in Dallas near the House of Blues with the intent of protecting the neighborhood from rioting.
The man armed himself with a machete.
Police said the man tried to face down the protesters, who then assaulted and overpowered him, according to KTVT.
Video shows the man surrounded as someone hits him with what appears to be a skateboard. Other rioters appear to throw rocks at him as he is helpless on the ground. Others, once the man was down, kicked him.
Police said the man was taken to a hospital before they arrived on the scene of the assault.
Elijah Schaffer of TheBlaze TV, who videoed the assault on the man trying to protect his community, tweeted his dismay at the scenes around him.
It’s getting too risky out here

Ive never said this at a protest

This is a riot

This is different

Police are nowhere to be seen

Rioters are cracking open ATMs now

Destroying everything they can

Absolute lawlessness

The city of Dallas mourns as it falls apart tonight
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My heart hurts so freaking bad right now for the city of Dallas

For all of America

Our beautiful country is on fire tonight

It’s not the police’s fault

It’s not an issue of racial inequality

This is a civil war here on our streets

I’m crushed

What happened to us?
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Police said that at least 74 had been arrested in Dallas. Most will face charges of inciting a riot, police said.
Police Chief Rene Hall tells @CBS11 That officers gave the streets to protesters so they could have a peaceful protest but then their anger turned on the officers and she had a brick thrown at her. That changes the dynamics.
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Dallas Police chief Hall spoke with a protestor. Tells them to stay off the streets and not hit police vehicles. @dallasnews
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Police said that the riots developed in the aftermath of protests over Monday’s death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, according to KVIA.
Protesters said they had gathered for justice for Flyod and other victims of racism.
As the day went on, the protest turned into a riot during which mobs attacked police cars, blocked freeways and smashed windows at local businesses.
In response, police deployed tear gas.

“Police are allowing their officers to get off scot-free and that has to change. I came here to protest for all marginalized people,” said Prairie View, Texas, City Councilman Xante Wallace, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

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