Tuesday 12 May 2020

Mother's Day Greetings from Planned Parenthood Draw Brutal Backlash

At Planned Parenthood, self-awareness isn’t a strong point.
From its top executives down to the workers who clear out its terrible product, everyone involved in the nation’s largest abortion mill understands that its mission is snuffing out human life developing in a mother’s womb.
But that didn’t stop it from engaging in what’s becoming an annual exercise in the macabre, as shown by a Twitter post Sunday offering Mother’s Day greetings to women who have chosen to carry their children to term.

“Happy Mother’s Day,” the post was captioned, with an image of a card reading “from moms at home to moms on the front line – thank you.”
First of all, it’s not quite clear what an organization specifically set up to obliterate motherhood is thanking “moms” for.
Failing to avail themselves of Planned Parenthood’s murderous services? Deciding to bear a child at a time when progressive icons like Michelle Obama speak publicly about how having children meant dialing back her “aspirations and dreams.”
Regardless, social media users are apparently much more aware of Planned Parenthood’s mission than whoever at the operation thought a Twitter post about Mother’s Day was a good idea.
Planned Parenthood’s message did not go over well.
Happy Mother’s Day!
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...from the organization that does everything they can to stop women from becoming mothers.
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You know, countless women are not mothers and are stuck with the deep regret of having aborted their children because of you. Not only because you perform abortions, but because you lobby viciously against informing women of better alternatives to killing their unborn children.
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In 1978, you told my 16 year old mother to abort me. She instead walked out. You can just sit this day out, Planned Parenthood. Sit every day out.
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This one put it perfectly.
It’s beyond parody. It’s almost beyond comprehension, but someone at Planned Parenthood thinks this is a viable idea.
Its Twitter post received a similar response for its Mother’s Day greetings in 2019, and Father’s Day last year, too. (The organization is equal-opportunity offensive.)

Naturally, as Alexandra DeSanctis pointed out at National Review, there’s an element of fundraising to this. A mass email that went out in addition to the Twitter post contained a pitch for donations, DeSanctis wrote.
Everything’s marketing when your product is death.
An organization where executives have been caught on video literally negotiating the price of body parts — and which ends up winning a court case over it — obviously has no shame about picking up cash wherever it can.
Unfortunately, given the dedication of liberals to the sacrament of abortion – including allegedly devout Catholics like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden – Planned Parenthood is always going to have powerful supporters in American political life and the liberal culture.

What it will apparently never have, though, is the unflinching honesty of self-awareness.

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