Tuesday 21 April 2020

Dagen McDowell GOES OFF On Democrats For Holding Up Relief To Small Businesses (VIDEO)

Dagen McDowell is a FOX Business Network personality who frequently appears on the panel show ‘The Five’ on FOX News.
On Monday she was asked her opinion about Democrats stalling efforts to get relief to small businesses and she did not hold back.
She made the case that Democrats should never talk about supporting small business owners again, and she has a point.
The Blaze has details: 
‘There is shame to go around!’ — Dagen McDowell excoriates Democrats for small business relief debacle
Dagen McDowell went into an impassioned rant against Democrats who were claiming that the coronavirus stimulus funds were being funneled into red states and not helping Democrat majority states…
“These are people, these are family businesses that are flat on their backs, and these people don’t know how they’re going to stay open because the Democrats were playing politics with a reload and a refresh and a refill of this small business paycheck protection program,” said McDowell.
“Seven days before that program ran out of money, [Senate Majority Leader] Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) put in front of the Democrats a 25 line bill just for the money. And what did they do? They dragged their feet,” she said.
“So any time any one of these Democrats ever says ‘small businesses’ and they’re gonna tell you how important they are to the fabric of America, those two words should be preceded with ‘go to hell small businesses!’ ‘cuz that’s that you did!”
See the clip below:
"Democrats were playing politics with a reload and a refreshing and a refill of this small business ... so every time anyone of these Democrats ever says 'small businesses' ... those 2 words should be proceeded with the 'go to hell.'" - @dagenmcdowell
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Here’s the full segment:

McDowell has been addressing this issue on Twitter as well:

She’s right.

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