Friday 3 April 2020

And Trump Takes Advice From This Quack? ...Dr. Fauci Says He Will Lift Social Distancing Restrictions After "No New Cases, No New Deaths" (VIDEO)

Just so you know — these “experts” are making it up as they go along. 
And these experts are going to destroy the US economy based on total guesses and hysterical predictions.
On March 15, 2020 Dr Anthony Fauci told Jon Karl on ABC that the US could expect up to 21 million coronavirus hospitalizations and up to 1.7 million coronavirus deaths. 
On Sunday March 29, 2020, Dr. Anthony Fauci suddenly downgraded his worst case scenario to 100,000 to 200,000 US coronavirus deaths.
Fauci was off by a factor of at least 10 in only 14 days!
Now this doctor wants Americans to stay in their lockdown until there are no more new cases or new deaths recorded.
The US has lost 6.6 million jobs already.
Dr. Fauci does not care.
Trump needs to drop this guy. He’s nuts.
Dr. Anthony Fauci: If we get to the part of the curve that Dr. Birx showed yesterday that it goes down to essentually no new cases, no deaths.
That could take 20 years.
This guy is crazy.


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