Wednesday 25 March 2020

President Trump Says He Wants the Country Back Open by Easter (VIDEO)

President Trump on Tuesday appeared on Fox News for a town hall to discuss his administration’s ongoing efforts to combat the Coronavirus. 
Trump said he would likely open the country back up by Easter (April 12).
“I would love to have [the country] open by Easter,” Trump said. “It’s such an important day for other reasons.”
Hemmer seemed a bit surprised by Trump’s timeline, saying, “That would be a great American resurrection, two and a half weeks from now.
President Trump has repeatedly tweeted ‘the cure cannot be worse than the problem’ and has suggested Americans will be out of quarantine and back to work soon. 
Millions of Americans have not been able to attend church on Sundays because of the government mandated orders to shelter-in-place.
President Trump wants America back open for business and knows how important Easter Sunday is for millions across the US.

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