Thursday 26 March 2020

“I’m Laying in Hospital – Watching President Trump Saying This Can Possibly Work. And I’m Living Proof!” – Hydroxycholorquine Saves Coronavirus Patient (Video)

Jay Forman became very ill earlier this month and tested positive for the coronavirus. He went to the hospital on March 16th with a fever and a cough. The doctor gave him Motrim and a cough medicine and sent him home. After he went home he got progressively worse. 
By last Friday Jay was in bad shape and had to go back to the hospital. He had a 102 degree temperature was coughing and couldn’t speak and couldn’t breathe.
Then the doctors gave him hydroxychloroquine on Saturday morning and a Z-Pak. Four days later his fever broke and he has no symptoms. He was released from the hospital on Thursday morning.
Laura Ingraham: Before you got the hydroxychloroquine you felt you were going in a really bad direction?
Jay Forman: Absolutely. I think the hydroxychoroquine and the Z-Pak definitely saved my life.
Laura Ingraham: And what do you think of governors who are saying doctors cannot prescribe it in off-label use if it’s not part of a controlled study…?
Jay Forman: They have to do what they have to do to save people’s lives! I’m laying in the bed in the hospital and I’m watching President Trump saying this can possibly can work. And I’m living proof! I’m on the TV now with you!
This was SOOO powerful!

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