Friday 6 March 2020

Bernie Sanders Polls at 12% in Florida After Cheering Socialist Tyrant Fidel Castro’s Wonderful Educational System

It would be too kind to call Bernie Sanders a useful idiot for the communists.
It would be more appropriate to call Crazy Bernie an active participant of the deadly doctrine.
Late last month Bernie Sanders praised dead communist tyrant Fidel Castro.
It takes a very naive person to believe a communist tyrant’s propaganda.
Bernie is just that person.
In the latest Florida primary poll Bernie is polling at 12% behind Joe Biden with 61%.
Guess the Cuban voters in Florida don’t agree much with Uncle Bernie?
Florida Politics reported:
Even before Mike Bloomberg dropped out of the race for President, voters in Florida were consolidating behind Joe Biden.
More than 61% of likely Florida voters favor Biden, according to the most recent survey by St. Pete Polls commissioned by Florida Politics (the full PDF of the poll is embedded below). That gives the former Vice President a commanding lead over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, at 12%, and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, with 5%.
The poll was conducted on Wednesday, the same day billionaire Mike Bloomberg dropped out of the race.

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