Saturday 15 February 2020

US Army Refuses to Investigate Treasonous Bastard Alexander Vindman Despite President’s Request — Will Move Him to Full-Time Position at Military College

Is there ANYONE in Washington who follows orders from their Commander in Chief?
Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said on Friday there will be no investigation of treasonous bastard Alexander Vindman despite President Trump’s announcement that the Pentagon will look into the actions of the former NSC officer.
Vindman was caught repeatedly lying during his testimony before Congress that made him a leftist hero.
Vindman’s boss testified that Alexander Vindman was a leaker, a liar who could not be trusted.
But Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy told an audience at a the National Press Club that there will be no investigation of Lt. Col. Alex Vindman before he moves to his permanent position at a military college(?) later this year.
The Daily Mail reported:
Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said Friday there is no investigation into the Army officer who until last week worked at the White House National Security Council and was a key witness in the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump.
McCarthy said Lt. Col. Alex Vindman has been moved to a short-term assignment at Army headquarters until he starts a regularly scheduled stint at a military college later this year.
McCarthy’s comments at the National Press Club appeared to put an end to any debate about potential punishment of the officer, who came under fire for raising concerns about Trump’s July phone call with Ukraine’s president.
Vindman was escorted from the White House last week as was his twin brother, Yevgeny, who worked as a lawyer at the NSC and is also a lieutenant colonel.
Here is Secretary Ryan McCarthy today the National Press Club.

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