Thursday 6 February 2020

Report: Hate-Filled Bernie Sanders Staffers and Canvassers Chanted “F*** Biden!”, “F*** Warren!”, “F*** Buttigieg!” at Iowa Caucus Eve Party

Last Sunday, Iowa Caucus staffers and volunteer canvassers for Democratic Party candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont gathered at a Des Moines dive bar for a pre-caucus party where they vented their hatred for other Democrat presidential candidates.
Tel père, tel fils. 1988 image of Bernie Sanders in a Soviet Union bar.
A reporter for Rolling Stone reported that at one point during the party a Sanders canvasser jumped on a table and led the Sanders staffers and supporters in chants of “F*** Biden!”, “F*** Warren!”, “F*** Buttigieg!” and on down the line of candidates including Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI).
The Rolling Stone article was a contrast between the “dirtbag left” Sanders party and a nearby Super Bowl party held by Bloomberg News at a Marriott for campaign and media elites.
Volunteer canvassers go out in public to gatherings and go door to door to persuade voters to caucus for their candidate. To learn more, click this link to read a campaign diary of a canvasser for Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).
The night before the caucus clusterfuck, while the Super Bowl played, Bernie Sanders acolytes threw a party at a hole-in-the-wall bar in downtown Des Moines. Bearded 20-somethings smoked actual cigarettes outside and discussed the difference in rental prices between Silver Lake and Williamsburg. Inside, the crowd of canvassers and campaign staffers bopped to “Common People,” the Britpop class-rage anthem by Pulp. Writers from New York magazine, as well as leftwing publications like Jacobin and n+1, sidled up to the bar and got down to discussing labor rights. The nearest L train stop was 1,100 miles away.
Oh, how divergent it all was from the scene at the Marriott, a five-minute walk away. There, at a Super Bowl viewing party held by Bloomberg News, cable news hosts like Jake Tapper and Dana Bash congregated with a small army of Politico reporters, Democratic operatives (including Pete Buttigieg’s spitfire senior advisor, Lis Smith), a coterie of staffers from the British Embassy in Washington and roughly half The New York Times masthead…
…The Sanders shindig Sunday night was conjured by the hosts of Chapo Trap House, the popular podcast of the self-proclaimed “dirtbag left” — the radicalized, often vulgar, and sometimes hilarious internet creatures all in for Bernie…
…Rumors about the results of the scuppered Des Moines Register poll — the hotly anticipated barometer for Democratic candidates that was shelved the day before due to data-collection hiccups were flying around the bar. The poll’s results supposedly were good for Bernie and bad for the centrists, particularly those they call Uncle Joe and “Mayo Pete.” Upon hearing the gossip, one canvasser began twerking to scattered applause.
Another hopped on stage and grabbed a microphone for a call and return with the crowd.
“When I say ‘Fuck,’ you say ‘Biden!’”
“Fuck,” he yelled. “Biden,” the crowd roared back.
“When I say ‘Fuck,’ you say ‘Warren!’”
“Fuck,” he yelled. “Warren,” the audience answered back.
And so it went with Buttigieg, Steyer, and even Tulsi Gabbard, the poor thing. So much for party unity.
Image source by Democrat activist Murshed Zaheed who asked, “One has to wonder whether @BernieSanders has the moral courage to actually rein in his hardcore #BernieOrBust supporters who are spewing this kind of violent rhetoric offline targeting Warren & others while hissing w/ 🐍🐍 online” 
As Project Veritas has documented, the Sanders campaign is staffed with hardcore revolutionaries with desires for violent vengeance and control.

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