Sunday 16 February 2020

MUST SEE: Gun Rights Activists Crash Bloomberg Rally in Virginia, Chant ‘Guns Save Lives’

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the man attempting to buy the 2020 Democratic Party nomination, was heckled by pro-Second Amendment activists at his rally in Virginia on Saturday.

The protesters were shouting “you’re f**king fascist!” and “you’re a racist!” at the candidate and were quickly removed from the event.
The activists were wearing “guns save lives” stickers and chanted the slogan as they were removed from the venue.
Attendees attempted to drown out the pro-Second Amendment message by chanting “we like Mike.”
Bloomberg worked with Democrats to push divisive gun control in the state that lead to 25,000 people attending a pro-gun rally in Richmond last month.
Many members of Virginia law enforcement also joined the protest, as multiple counties are refusing to enforce any gun laws that violate the US Constitution.

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